Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What is Design Practice - Free Ad Workshop

The session;
After designing our free ads for ourselves and the other two people in our group, we had to show each other what we had done. Sam and Tristan were in my group, although Tristan was ill that day, therefore we didn't see his designs.

Sam Cook;

Tristain Currie;

Daisy Conway;

In this session me and Sam had to write down the things which we thought we had to communicate about the other person.

We then had to write down the things we wanted to get across in the designs, personally and professionally, so 5 things about us and 5 things about the way we design.

I then had to write down 5 compliments about the design which Sam did for my free ad, including the things that I like about the design, then I have to write 5 things that I didn't like about the design he did for me. I found that this was a lot harder than the compliments as I genuinely really liked the design he did for me, I think that it reflects me really well.

We then as a pair started to look at all of our designs and started to note down 5 things that were similar in both of our designs, and these are the things that we found. Most of the things that we found in common are the things which we wanted to show about ourselves.

We then had to swap tables with another group or pair, and right down the things we thought they had in common, this is so that we can all get an honest opinion as it is easy for me and Sam to just write down the things which we know we wanted to communicate. Therefore when we got out feedback back me and Sam found that a lot of the key words they had found in our designs were the same as the key words we used and wanted to show.

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