Friday, 15 February 2013

Secret 7 Crit

The Crit;

During the crit we had to show our different cover options, explain how we got to our final ideas, show our 30 thumbnails and explain them. This crit was really useful as we were all in groups of 6, therefore there was a lot of different opinions about our work that was voiced. Also it helped me to choose which cover I am submitting for the Secret 7 as I had a few to choose from and also had different variations of the same ones, to see which looks better.

The feedback from the group;
  • The plain clock has been used a lot in our group, a lot of people who did Public Enemy's Harder Than You Think thought that a clock would be a good idea, but too many people have done it therefore it wouldn't be good to submit.
  • On the cover with the turntable, I should think about putting the clock onto that, to make the ideas combine together, so that the record is replaced with the clock.
  • The preferred cover to use was the fist with the clock gold ring, as it is a different way of incorporating the clock, and also showing power. 
  • The colours work really well together on the cover with the fist and clock.
  • Try changing the colour of the ring, making it more yellow, as the fist looks slightly like a cartoon, therefore making the clock more yellow will allow it to look more in place.
  • See what the clock on the turntable looks like, and if that doesn't look right use the fist with the clock ring.
I took a lot from this crit, as it is going to be people like the people in my crit who will be choosing the cover for the Public Enemy vinyl, it was a good idea for them to choose which one to use rather than me. Therefore I will be using the cover with the fist and the clock ring for submission for Secret 7.

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