Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Web Critique

Group Crit;
This is the second to last web crit therefore it is very important to get something from it. Although I didn't get a lot of peer feedback, I did take a lot from this crit, I could see where everyone was at with their web designs. Seeing that people had started to code their website allowed me to see I need to organise my time more efficiently between multiple briefs.

  • Take time out to just focus on web, have a day where that is all I think about.
  • Remember about the target audience being crucial for my content and concept.
  • Stop thinking about my content for a bit, stop designing cards and things, focus more on the design of the website, then think about the content when I need to apply it. Code the website while I can get help, rather than during Christmas when I cant get help.
What I have taken;
  • I need to take some time out to do web as I have been focusing on print for the past week or so, and need to get back into web.
  • Keep my target audience in mind when designing my website.
  • Consistency in navigation is key when creating my website.
  • Tone of voice is crucial, don't want to send the wrong message to the wrong people.
  • Design in pixels not mm.
  • Consider web safe colours, so they will work everywhere - colour palette.
  • Think about how my website will work for mobile as something to propose.
  • Do some digital scamps and wire frames so that I can make it from those, and make it visual.
  • Deadline is the 10th December, therefore I need to crack on, have as much done as possible by then.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Interim Crits

The Crit;
During this crit we were to all sit round a table about each have an amount of time for both web and print, discuss where we were at with each brief and get feedback from our peers.

Design for Print;
  • Think about the audience
  • Refine ideas more
  • Book, how to? or posters, how to? -consider
  • Find audience
  • Find colour scheme
  • Books, are they too standard?
  • Keep it simple if I am screen printing the whole book.

Design for Web;
  • No feedback

What I have taken from this crit;
This crit didn't work very well as there were many big voices and no time consideration, therefore a few people got a lot of time and feedback, and a lot of people didn't get a lot. At the end of the crit our group ran out of time, therefore I didn't get to talk about web in this crit, which meant I got no feedback. The crit should have been organised better as I came away with nothing and found it unsuccessful. Although it did allow me to see that just because I enjoy screen printing I don't have to do it for the whole book, I could save making a whole book of screen printing for a subject more relevant. I could still use screen printing in my publication but I could just do the covers or something.