Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Final Print Critique

The Crit;
During the final print crit, we were split into two groups, the first group set their print things, then left so that the second group(my group) left them feedback, then the groups swapped about and the first group gave us feed back on our work so far.

When I went into this crit I was a lot more confident than the web interim crit, as I am a lot further on in my print than my web, and print is something I am better at than web. Going into this crit there was some things that I noticed in my printed books that I wanted to change, therefore knowing that I am going to reprint my books means that I was very open for any changes that people felt were necessary.

The feedback;
  • Layout - check that the first word of the second paragraph can't fit into the first paragraph - you have some orphan lines (e.g. Format book A series) that want addressing.
  • looking good - just keep going.

  • For the laser cuts I think that the decorative pattern isn't consistent with the typeface - it doesn't go - so I would go towards the squares or circles.
  • Within the books I think having two tones of the same colour looks slightly odd - again some of them don't really go - maybe stick to just one swatch - it would still be clear.
  • The diagrams and content is clear and concise - very useful for target audience.
  • I think belly binding the booklets would work well - the band could also be colour matched to the book.
  • You would definitely need to test screen printing the white ink, you can test both white and black then come to a decision based on legibility.
  • There's a lot of colour, be careful this doesn't affect the aesthetic.

  • I think an elegant simple belly band would work well with this, personally.
  • You should use top right laser cut it looks very clean and simple.
  • I don't think white would work on yellow, try it thought, if you do multiple passes, it may work.
  • Lots of strong stuff. However I'm not entirely sure the grids are consistent.

  • I think the laser cut design with the lines works best ans is the most consistent with your aesthetic.
  • White screen printing on yellow could work well, you could maybe do several pulls to get a more intense white, the higher the contrast the better.
  • A box would be an appropriate packaging method - more permanent and durable than a belly band and you could apply design. This also make an overall product more durable, something the audience enjoys having rather than just to get info from.

What I have taken from this;
After this crit I have realised that I don't only want to change a couple of things in two of my books but I am going to reprint them all, also the pages aren't exactly in line, therefore I would like that to be better. I am going to go back through my books, and consider whether having two hues of the same colour through each book or just one. Also I will take into consideration everything that everyone has said in the feedback.