Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Glenelg Placement Day 2

Glenelg Placement.
Day 2.
I spent all of the second day looking back through things that I started to produce in the first year, but also got taken into a briefing and briefed on the product 'RedTag' this is something that helps security on DVD packaging. I have been told that I need to rebrand this for the client that will be attending the next day. This was a good opportunity as it meant that I am able to pitch to someone in the industry.

This is the original RedTag logo that has been produced and used, I personally think that it can be done better and so does the company that created it therefore they have asked me to pitch some ideas for them to change it.

Developing the logo went through different stages, I wanted to include the idea of locking and security, also including the colour red, and the idea of it being a tag. The benefits of the redtag is that it is reusable which is why the 'G' has been turned into an arrow, it also helps the get the message across that all you need to do is unlock and go, therefore the 'G' works in two way and the 'a' shows the security and the lock. I think that this will work well in the logo. There is also a thin and subtle red line across the bottom with a tag, this is because the redtag security is subtle yet effective which is everything the logo is trying to get across.

The Pitch.
The pitch went really well, I felt a massive pressure and this was the first time that I have ever pitched to a real client. This was great experience for me and was really exciting. John Durkin was the name of the man I was pitching and he said that he really like it, and that it was a huge improvement on the original, and is something that he will put through to changing of the brand. This was great to hear it was a really good boost.

After the Pitch.
After the pitch John Durkin asked me for my details and to keep in touch with him as he is starting another company, basing it on branding and animation and wants to keep in touch for when he starts to get it off the ground he might have a place for me. This is a great opportunity for me and I have really enjoyed this experience.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Glenelg Placement Day 1

Glenelg Placement.
Day 1.
On the first day of my placement, the man which I had been speaking to was away, although everyone else was still in the studio, they started me off doing a few things that the creative director left me to do. I was told to brand and name a new product that they are currently working on and pitching on Wednesday to a client. Then after that start working on ideas and logos for a re-brand for the studio itself. Whilst doing this I was spending a lot of time with the Animator James, and he was showing me how they bring everything together for a pitch, whilst doing this he was teaching me some of the tricks and short cuts for After Effects. This helped me a lot as I am currently teaching myself how to use After Effects and I am stuck on something that will take my days to adjust, and he has shown me a shortcut that take minutes. This will save me so much time, I have learnt so much in just one day about After Effects that will save me masses of time next week.

Pop & Go/Quick Pop.
These are the three main logos that I have chosen I am going to pitch to the client. The Pop & Go/ Quick Pop is a product from another range, therefore I decided that I would create one of the logos similar to the original POP PAK logo, this is so that if the client wants them all to work as a set they can. I also went with a circular logo relating to the circular tube product that you pop, showing where it would pop. This product is for people on the go, you can use one hand to pop it open, which is something I wanted to get across in the logo. There was also a purely typographic logo showing where is would pop in the type.

Mock ups for pitch.
The mock ups were made from CADs, and then artwork put onto it as a texture. This was done by James, the animator and person who is in charge of the visuals during pitching. I simply replaced the prospective logos of the mock ups to see how they would on the actual products. I did the logos in black and white so that they can work with whatever colour brand it needs applying to, just like their other one does.

Glenelg have decided to re-brand their studio and re do their website as they haven't updated it in a while. They asked me to try some ideas with a few logos and ideas for what I could do to help them with this. Therefore I spent the rest of the day thinking of different ideas for their logo.

Being at Glenelg has been really good for me already, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, especially learning how to work fast and get things done. Needing to keep up with someone else's schedule. The Glenelg logo is something that I am going to continue with tomorrow, unless I am given something else to do int he morning.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Switzerland Visit

Being invited to go to see Etoile Rouge and Wide Eyed. Going to the launch night. This was a great opportunity for me to meet some of the clients that I have been working with. Also lead me to meeting more people who are interested in me doing some design work for them.

I was able to attend the nights that I have been promoting and see how the brand is working and being applied in real life. This was amazing to see especially meeting people who loves the brand and everything about it giving me compliments. Seeing how successful it has been it great to see and this trip really pushes me in my design work, and is making me work harder, as I have seen the benefits of it.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Final PPP Presentation

Final Presentation.
For this presentation I wanted to include some of my personal branding and how it has developed, what I have learnt over the past three years, who I am speaking to, the studios I have visited and what I am wanting to do in the future.

Starting with the summer brief and moving on through the years explaining how I have changed and developed through 1at, 2nd and 3rd year. Explaining how I have developed my logo, also how I have changed over just the third year. One of the main lessons I have learnt during this course is that nothing is set in stone and noone should be pigeon holed. I think that I have changed my discipline the most throughout 3rd year, moving from being souly print based with a love for screen printing, to doing digital animations. Learning after effects this year has helped me a lot in different briefs and will help me a lot in the future. Showing the branding that I have done for Wide-Eyed Records, and explaining that even though it was a brief done for free for a family member, it has lead to having a good piece for my portfolio, but also what it has lead to, having a lot more connections and doing more live briefs. Ending with my wish list, for studios that I want to visit, what I want to work in and the general wishes for the future.

The presentation went quite well although I did forget to say a lot of what I wanted to. For example, how I was able to go to the studios that I have gone to, and what I will be doing for the placement. Also I wanted to discuss in more detail about the 1st and 2nd year and what made a massive different to me in terms of design, although I get a bit panicky when I present. Although I think that I have got a lot better at presenting throughout the time I have been at College, I could have done it a bit better, and wish that I would have rehersed t a bit more, simply to ensure that I don't forget anything.

WPA Pinfold

WPA Pinfold Application.

I decided that I would love to do an internship at WPA Pinfold. What they offer is amazing, and even though the deadline for the submission was Monday, they changed it to today(Friday 27th), therefore I sent it at about 5:30. I have been in Switzerland all week and unable to get onto the internet on my mac, and only just had time to send it when I realised they changed the deadline. Hopefully it didn't get in too late.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Archipelago Visit

Archipelago Visit.
I decided that I would contact Studio Mik Mik as it is someones work that I have appreciated, even though I knew that they didn't take placements, I thought that it would be a good way to speak to them and maybe they would let me have a visit to the studio to see how they work and what they are doing. Doing this Archipelago contacted me asking if I would like to go for a visit their as Studio Mik Mik no longer exists, and he has started his own studio now. This is something that I snapped at, I really like the work that Archipelago have produced and was really excited to go for a visit there.

The visit went really well, like a few of my other visits to studios I thought that it would only be a short visit, especially as I know a few people that have visited Archipelago and were there for half an hour. Although again like a few of the others I have been to, I was there for over 3 hours. I took this a a good sign, as we got along really well and he suggested that I would be a lovely person to work with and have around the studio.

Mike from Archipelago has asked me to keep in touch, he has also suggested that there is a summer internship up for grabs and of the people that he has seen so far I am up at the top of the list. This is an opportunity that I would love to have, it would give me experience in the design industry, also it is a great studio to work in. This is something that I would definitely like to do and will keep in touch with Mike. And I really enjoyed talking to him in the studio and can see that it would be a really good place to work. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Photography PPP Presentations

Photography Presentations.
A few people from Graphic Design were asked to come and sit in on some of the PPP Presentations in Photography. I jumped at this opportunity, I think that not only will it be helpful to see other courses PPP module and how it works. But I also think that meeting more people from different courses, especially those who could work collaboratively with me in the future, and see how they all work and what they specialise in.

The presentations.
Watching other peoples presentations on different courses allows me to see what exactly I need to produce for my PPP, and how to come across to people well. There were only two people who were ready to present, although I think that these weren't the final presentations, I thought that they would be slightly more polished so they could all receive as much feedback as possible.

There were both good and bad points about each of their presentations, which is something I will take away from sitting in on them. One of the girls were really confident in what she was saying and it made the presentation a lot more interesting to watch. This is something that I will take from the presentations, try and be as confident as possible whenever presenting. The second girl was a lot less confident and made the presentation quite dull, even though she had more and better content.

The presentations have made me more aware that I need to be clear with the audience whilst connecting with them at the same time.

I think that it was really good to see other courses presentations. It has also lead to opportunities to working with a photographer in the future, as the tutor thanked us and informed us that if we need any photography doing, they shall help us. After the presentations I emailed Ross Williams the photography tutor as he thanks us for the help, and I suggested that in the future before the main presentations, I will happily go back again to view more presentations.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Presentation to Professionals - dba

As a team we made the presentation, and started by doing it on powerpoint although we experienced a lot of problems with file sizes. The reason why we used powerpoint in the first place is so that we can include a video. Although our files were so bit it kept crashing. Therefore we thought that it would be good for us to create our presentation on After Effects. This meant that we are able to make the presentation and just pause it as we go.

The Presentation.
Introduce Presentation – Sarah G 
Moving Logo Concept – Melissa 
Logo – Sarah G 
Campaign – Sarah H 
Danielle Posters – (static and moving posters – describe – Why animated) 
Danielle Animation 
Daisy Poster 
Daisy Animation 
Sarah H Poster 
Sarah H Animation 
Melissa Poster 
Melissa Animation 
Sarah G Poster 
Sarah G Animation 
Environment – Sarah H 
Train Outdoor – Melissa T
rain Indoor – Daisy 
Logo – Sarah H (saying thank you for listening etc)

The Presentation.
The presentation itself went really well, I think that we said everything that we want to as a group, and got our message across well. I think that having the pitches individually worked really well, and helped us see how it will work in future. This was a really good experience to have had.

The feedback.
The feedback we received after our presentation was really good and constructive. They suggested that in our mock ups we should show it in situe rather than illustrations. This will show the client a better idea of what it will actually look like in time and space rather than illustrations of where they would be, as it confuses the client as to what is the design and what is the real life. This is definitely something that we will bare in mind when it comes to pitching to clients again. Also we focused a lot on the campaign of Less is More, More is North, when we should have applied the brand itself to the posters and things. This is something that made complete sense when they suggested it as we were pushing forward the campaign and posters a lot, and the brand just came behind, whereas we should have lead with it and spoke a lot more about the brand itself. 

After the Presentation.
After the presentation I received an email from Ian Loseby;
Hello Daisy.
I think your team might have been a close second - though as Ian said you don’t get anything for second in our industry.
Everyone put in a  lot of effort and the standard was very high, so for work to stand out means something.
All the best.
This was a really nice email to receive, and Ian is definitely someone that I will keep in touch with after dba has finished.

For this brief overall I feel like at first I was dreading it. As we had to get into groups which is not always fun. Then the brief itself was really quite difficult and was something we all struggled to get into. Although after the first workshop day I think that we made a lot of progress and got really positive feedback from the professionals that came in. From that point onwards we really got going with this brief and started to think about the actual designs rather than focusing on the concept. After doing this we worked well together as a team. This is a group of people that I thin k I would work with again as there was a lot of hard work put into that brief and I think it showed in our presentation. And even though we didn't end up winning, this is a really good brief experience and something that I will including in my portfolio.