Thursday, 21 May 2015

Life Studio/Client Briefs

Live Briefs.
I have been involved in many different collaborative and individual briefs throughout this year. Doing live briefs for real clients and studios have been great for my practice. This has given me the opportunities to network and get my work out there into the industry and into the real world. I have also really enjoyed being set a brief, and having studios assess them. I have blogged all of these briefs on my extended practice blog although I think that they have all informed my ppp and how I have linked my personal and professional practice.

Live Studio Briefs.



Something More. (DSM)


The Designers Republic.

The Yearbook Pitch.

Live Client Briefs.
Etoile Rouge.


The Pink Teapot.

Wide Eyed Records.

Personal Branding - May 2015

Personal Branding.
May 2015.
I decided that I liked what I produced earlier this year for my personal branding, although there are a few little things that I would change, my logo needs slight adapting, maybe losing the pattern, also changing some of the information on my personal CV and my contact information as I know have a website work in progress and a new email address as I will no longer be a student anymore.
The new pack is very similar to the old one with a few alterations of my information, adding the placement which I have done. Also having stationery that goes with it, although this is specifically used for just the hand in. For example the folder will be used to hold my project file, all of the information about the briefs that I have done this year including the evaluations. Also the disc has my digital portfolio on it for hand in, just to show what it would look like.

Other than this I am happy with the promotional pack that I have made this year, I think that it works well with studios, also it represents me very well. I have also produced mock ups for the website I am going to produce, although this is something that I need to make live before the end of year show, this is a priority of mine now, also the end of year show itself!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Online Presence

Online Presence.
For my online presence all year I have been uploading things to my behance, to get my work out there. This has been successful as Ian Anderson from The Designers Republic saw my Wide Eyed branding and asked if I wanted to come for a visit to his studio from this. Therefore I think that I will try keep up to date with my behance for the future, although there are a few briefs that need to go up there, but as I have been so busy on the lead up to hand in, I will do this after hand in and get it back up to date again. This would also be a form of my portfolio, an online digital portfolio. My website is also something that is taking a lot longer than expected, I have produced mock ups for it. Although I don't think that I will be going off these for my website as I would like it to be slightly more simple than this and less cluttered. This will go live just before the end of year show, as I will have my website domain in there for my website, and I don't want people to go on and there to be nothing there.



Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Digital Portfolio

Digital Portfolio.
For my digital portfolio I will have a different one for different studios that I am contacting, as I think that different studios will be looking for different work and qualities. Therefore each digital portfolio will be made up specifically for that studio. For example I sent a digital portfolio to WPA Pinfold, and this was it;

They required specifically three areas that you are interested in, in graphic design. And some examples of this. This is the kind of digital portfolio that I would produce and send to a studio, and I think that it shows a bit of my personality and my work, which are both important.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Personal Branding - October 2014

Personal Branding Pack.
October 2014.
I decided to I need to produce a small promotional pack that I will be able to give to studios. This is because I really don't like my second year personal branding pack. The pink was too garish and bold, I want to use a colour that is more neutral for me. I think that producing a pack actually for studios will come out a lot better than a pack produced just for self promotion.  I wanted my pack to leave in studios or to hand out to studios to tell them a bit out me. 

I have been leaving one of these packs with studios after every visit that I have done. They have really appreciated the fact that I have left these with them, they said that it was really nice to have something to keep with them after I had been. This is something that I have found works really well and makes people remember you. This is something I wanted to continue doing becasue as well as showing things about me as a designer, it also shows a lot about me as a person, which is something that I think is important.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Designers Republic Visit

The Designers Republic.
I have been in contact with the Designers Republic, mainly Ian Anderson, since he cam in to set us a brief. Since doing this Ian has seen some of the work that I have been doing and suggested that I should have a look around the studio and come to meet the people working there and see what they are doing. Also so that he can see my portfolio and the work that I have been doing since he came in for the workshop.

I will be going the the Designers Republic the week after hand in. The will be on the Friday the 29th May. I am really looking forward to this as it will be an experience.