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Product and Packaging

Product and packaging design is something which Graphic Design is used for and here are some examples of product and packaging blogs or websites, also examples of product and packaging in design.

Examples of Blogs and Websites which have Product and Packaging;

Examples of Product and Packaging Design;
The honey hunter is a simple packaging, it shows the basic information needed on it, but is also quite playful in its detail. By using simple shapes to create an evil character that looks as if it is watching you, it adds the playfulness to this design. It will appeal to children because of the use of character in the design, whilst also being appealing to adults and older people as it is quite sophisticated, in the clarity of the product, using just stock and black ink for the colour use.
This packaging reflects the product well as the product is a delicate cookie/cake of a certain size, which is packaged in small simple folded packages. The packaging net is simple therefore the design on them is quite decorative and pretty. Each design is different and unique, this attract a certain clientele, as these are aimed at women, they could be used as party favours or treats, although the function of the packaging is clear, as there is just enough room for the cookies, this works really well. Although there are many different colours used, these work well as a set or series, as they all have the same structure with slightly different features and additions to them.
This example of product and packaging is a series or a set. There are different colours for each of the different flavours available, which is a good idea as although they are different colours they work as a set as they all have the same layout and structure, also it is a lot clearer what each flavour is when it is a slightly different colour. The design for this consists of purely typography, which is one of the reasons why this is not aimed towards children, and showing the target audience is an older, with a sophisticated taste.
What is so interesting about this design is that the function for it is to avoid the sandwich rather than be attracted to it. This is why it is such a successful design and works so well. The target audience for this is people who take their lunch to work or school with them, or to the people who make their lunches. The packaging could be used as a joke or could be used to keep people away from their food. The tone of voice for this packaging is humorous and is to be taken lightly. It is because of the simplicity of the design, having a slight bit of colour 'fake mold', that it works so well as it is not too much and over the top.
What separates this packaging from the other sweets packaging is the net. The creative use of the net in this packaging making the sweets packaging look like a an old fashioned sweet wrapper. The colours used in this packaging is appropriate for the product that it is trying to advertise. The layout of the text on each piece of packaging are very alike, keeping this the same allows the product to have consistency. As the packaging shape resembles a sweet the net is appropriate and will look different amongst the rest.

The function for this product and packaging is beer cups and a beer cup carrier. Both of these pieces of packaging work hand in hand, the consistency with the detail and the typefaces used allows the cups and the holder to match. Although using the same stock or the same coloured stock may allow them to look more similar and fit better. The minimal colour used works well with this design as there is quite a lot of information, therefore having the most important piece of information in a different colour allows it to stand out. The packaging for this particular thing is very creative in the information, illustrations and designs used on the beer cup carrier.
The packaging for this product speaks for itself, as all the cartons have different designs yet they are all the same shapes and structure therefore work well as a set. Each different flavour resembles the fruit which flavour it is, this would be appealing the children and adults alike. The colours work well together, they stand out from the normal juice cartons, also the straws match the flavours. There is very little information on the packaging as they speak for themselves, the clarity of the shapes and colours makes the cartons most effective.
What makes these jars of honey so appealing and creative is the illustrations used on the packaging. Resembling a honey comb, each illustration is unique and adds to the design, the colours used for the illustrations are appropriate, and although each of the different honey jars have different colours, they all work as a set, as the colours all compliment each other. The target audience for this product are people who like honey, the illustrations also all have key links to honey and bees on them, which is why people will connect so much with this packaging and therefore would choose this over a different honey product.
The packaging for this product is actually a product itself. The function for this is to package the t-shirt, although it is also a form of information graphics as there are instructions on how to turn the packaging into a coat hanger to hang the product (t-shirt) from. This multipurpose packaging is targeted towards people who shop online, as it looks as if it has been delivered, also people who like to be organised. Having the logo of the brand on the hanger will also help to promote the brand to anyone who will see it, and it will be memorable, as not many places has such creative packaging for their clothes.
Using a basic colour palette allows this design to remain simple, be appealing towards adults as well as children. The characters on the packaging as playful and some of the main text used on them are onomatopoeia which will attract children's attention to it, although keeping it clear is aesthetically pleasing for the adults/parents too. The function for this product is baby food, therefore it is good that it would be appealing to both children and parents. The three colours used are not too bright so that it is displeasing, but at the same time its colourful enough to be noticed on a supermarket shelf.

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