Sunday, 10 February 2013

What is...Tone of Voice

These are some designs or designers that clearly portray elements of tone of voice in their design.
This advert is very tongue in cheek, as its making an issue, that many men don't like to talk about, funny. Using comedy allows the subject to be seen as less serious, and allows people to remember it, as it makes you laugh, which is very well designed.
As they say 'sex sells' this is a good way to advertise, it has a smart idea behind it. Showing how the pen has two sides and two different line qualities, the thick bold side, which is stating the obvious, then the thin fine side, which shows the humour and what makes this design funny and memorable.
This is a serious piece of graphic design made up of image and a small bit of type. It has been designed to show people that if their wear their seat belt they won't get hurt or die. It is clever and simple and displays the message well, and really makes you think, and want to put your seat belt on.
This is a funny way of creating awareness about a serious subject, something which graphic designers do a lot. Its a good way to approach a serious subject, it uses a very well known racist icon in a humorous way, whilst linking it into football, which is a serious issue in football at the minute, so its very up-to-date.
What makes this piece of design so effective and humorous is the simplicity of the print. One neutral brown on stock in the bottom right corner, this sets the tone for the piece. It is playful and contempry, and that's why it works so well.
This design is very playful in the way it has been designed, playing on the phrase 'bad egg', referring to one person being bad in a bunch, by using the cracks in a bad egg to form an angry face. It is effective because it is so simple, this is why it works so well, as it is quite quirky and commical in the way its been produced.
Although the tone of voice for this piece is serious, it is also informal. It is used to inform people of the direction they should be going in. It shows what is on each level, and which way you should be going if you want a certain thing, but it also is quite light hearted and fun, as the information is in the shape of the floor number, also it creeps round the side of the walls.
This has been designed to be humorous, it plays on the lyrics of a song and the knowledge of the anatomy of type. Tom Gabor is the designer of this piece, he intentionally made this simple so that it is more effective, the black and light grey works really well, its easy to read, easy to understand and the tone of voice is humorous. The fact that the part of the serif, which has been shot out, is on the baseline makes the detail in the thought and idea behind the design even better and more visually pleasing.
This is a quirky and playful, quite informal yet thought provoking design. The designer for this is unknown although should be as this is a good piece of design. The font used is one based from an old traditional barber shop, also the tools used in an older barber shop. The type is simple, saying put your tools away, then movember 2011, it speaks for itself and is a strong statement. The logo used of the mustache allows people who haven't heard of movember to understand what the poster is trying to say.
Although the text on this advertisement is small and hard to see, it adds to the effect of the advert itself. The tone of voice for this piece is very serious, it is an issue that people don't take driving seriously, there is a lot of adverts out about drink driving, this one is for texting whilst driving. Although it is serious it is also clever, it is playing with the idea that phones now predict what you are going to say. It is giving the driver two options, and ultimately showing that there is an ultimatum, also creating awareness and showing how dangerous and serious it is.

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