Sunday, 10 February 2013

Branding and Identity

Branding and identity design is something which graphic design is used for and here are some examples of branding and identity blogs or websites, also examples of branding and identity in design.

Examples of Branding and Identity on Websites and Blogs;
Examples of Branding and Identity in Design;
The logo for Wineforest is a play on the name, it is showing a forest but the negative space between the trees are the shapes of wine bottles, this is a skill that I wish I could do as I think it is a really clever way to design, negative space in design is really important. The budget for this logo and brand is quite high, you can see this because of how professional and classy the logo is, it is something which is targeted at a specific market, people who have a lot of disposable income.
The audience for this brand is children, you can see this through the illustrations used on the packaging, although Cadbury's is aimed at everyone, these particular Cadbury buttons are specifically targeted at children. The budget for this is reasonably cheap, you can see this through the stock used for the packaging, also they are directed towards children therefore they can't be too expensive as normally children wouldn't have a lot of disposable income. This brand is very consistent, keeping the colours used the same allows them to work well together, always the layout and size of the characters allow these products to work as a set and a successful brand.
What is different about this type of branding is the use of embossing on the products. The use of black ink on a white stock shows class and sophistication in a company, and for this it is not different. Embossing the business cards letters and envelopes allow the design to be simple and use only stock, but it also allows the designs to have more depth to it, it again shows that it is a professional company. From this I have taken that the target audience for this brand is professional adults, as thats who it would be suitable for.
This is a very minimal design, this is not because of the budget as the target audience for this brand is quite high end, you can see this in the colours used, also the choice of stock used, especially the business cards, the look very professional, with a quality finish. I think having the logo in negative space allows the brands to be stronger also by using appropriate objects such as coconuts to form the logo makes the brand stronger, the business cards must have been screen printed to get that clear colour, the method of production works well with the brand.
The function of this is that it is a logo for FedEx. A logo is a very important part of branding and identity, the logo says a lot about the brand, purely the use of colour could change the way you see a brand. The FedEx logo shows an arrow in the negative space between the 'E' and 'x' this shows a lot about the brand and the company as it is sending packages to different places, claiming to be sent fast, therefore the arrow helps to shows this, which is displaying the identity of the company.
The Adam and Eve Law Firm branding is using simplicity to show how simple and easy they are, how if you use their law firm things will be simple and they will do all they can for you. Branding and identity is something that is very strong in Adam&Eve, it is something they are using to their advantage to help them with their publicity.
La Charcuterie is something quite unique, I have never seen anything like this before, I think this is one of the reasons why it is so effective. Using meat such as salami as they background behind their logo is really clever as it is the kind of thing that stays with you, as it is different and weird in a way. Although the colour might not be consistent they still work well as a brand because of the concept and idea behind the logo and the brand.
What is so effective and recognisable about this brand it the font that has been used. Also the format and the layout for each piece is very similar, this keeps consistency and keeps everything looking like they should be together. This style of branding is appropriate for its audience, it attracts them to it and works really well. Although the stock looks like its a good quality I think the budget for this is quite low as it has only used one colour in printing which makes it cheaper.
What I find so interesting about this example of branding and identity is that the logo is actually different each time, but they are also very similar in the way that they have been produced, and even though they are not the same they still work as a logo and a brand. The tone of voice for this is very professional you can see this on the quality of the stock and the prints that have been used on the business cards, the subtle shade of blue on the brown stock works really well with the illustrations used in the logos.
Having a colour that stands out from the rest is a good way to attract attention, and this is exactly what this branding is, it is creating and identity for itself, something which reflects the identity of the brand onto their products, as this is very vibrant but still quite simple which reflects the tone of voice well.

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