Sunday, 10 February 2013

Editorial and Publishing

Editorial and Publishing design is something which Graphic Design is used for and here are some examples of Editorial and Publishing blogs or websites, also examples of Editorial and Publishing in design.

Examples of Editorial and Publishing on Websites and Blogs;

Examples of Editorial and Publishing Design;
The purpose for this design is to communicate information through text and image, it looks as if it is in a different language therefore it is not aimed at English people, although as the vector images are quite clear, it is understandable to most languages. The layout for this publication is very busy and cluttered, there is a lot of information they are trying to get across, and although it is very cluttered, it is also organised appropriately to make it look interesting and still readable.
This magazine is aimed at people in the design industry, or people who are very good at Photoshop and wish to improve, or get tips on how to get better. The colours used work really well together, it is the main things which drew me to this publication, the use of Photoshop on the cover shows the readers what kind of thing can be done on Photoshop, which is a good way to promote it. The cover itself looks like it has the genre sci-fi, I think this is intentional as inside there are '25 SCI-FI TIPS' which means they are apply the skills they are showing in the magazine on the cover.
With this publication I like the use of limited colours and the typeface that has been used. The vector drawings are also something that appeal to me as it is the way I like to work, they add to the design and give is something extra, having one page as image based and one as text based makes the publication a lot more balanced. The large typefaces also break up the body copy so that its not too overwhelming and people turn off. This looks like quiet a high quality article and there was probably a large budget for it for a article, this shows in the quality of the design.
Simply by having Zac Efron on the front cover of the rolling stones will attract women towards this publication, it will also give the publication a lot of merit and prestige as Zac Efron is a very famous actor and having him on the front will show that the publication has high end readers. Also the budget must have been really high for the designing of this magazine as it will have cost a lot of money have Zac Efron on the front of magazine, although this is something which Rolling Stones does a lot, which means they must have a high budget for their magazine.
Something I think looks really good when it is done well, is white type on a dark background, although the document is small I can see that this is another time which it has worked well, apart from maybe where the hair goes behind the type, as I don't know if that will be as easy to read. The layout for this publication is consistent, I like the way that both pages have a similar grid system, also how the text mostly moves around the image.
This publication has an audience of people who enjoy reading science fiction magazines, I also believe that it is quite an old copy, as although it has been kept in a good condition, the colours look like they are slightly fading which shows age, it also has a date up the side. Looking at this publication allows me to see how things have changed since the 50's and how technologies have moved on. I think the budget they had for this publication was medium, and with that same budget today you could do a lot more, relative to the inflation in money since the 50's.
What I like about this publication is the simple shapes used to create a large impact, the limited colour palette highlights the main issues they are trying to direct you to in the publication. Although that I believe that this publication is about serious issues and global warming, I think that the audience isn't only people who are concerned about the environment, I also believe that it is directed to designers and people who are interested in information graphics and minimal design, as this publication is appealing to me. Another thing I like and admire about this design, is the way there is no information or illustrations near the edges of the piece, everything has used a grid and you can see that there is a lot of negative space, which I like in design.
The simplicity of the cover of this magazine shows that the content inside is likely to be quite simple and straight forward too. It is directed to people who are interested in taking care of their house and have a lot of pride in the decoration in their home. The issue looks like it about simple and minimum decorations around the house, therefore when people see this who like minimal design, they will buy it. The typefaces that have been chosen are very appropriate for this magazine and they work really well, it make the magazine look more professional.
Gifted magazine is aimed towards house wives, women and most people who are interested in gift wrapping, because as well as showing different gifts you could buy for someone, they are all packaged very professionally. Having a pair of scissors on the front cover also makes the readers think there will be crafts inside the publication, this is why I believe that it can be directed towards creative people as well. The content of this magazine is appropriate for the audience it is being aimed at. Although I don't really think that typeface is suited to this magazine, only because it leaves a lot of empty space at the top of the magazine, I think that they should either have a different logo or allow something else to be in that area.
This is also directed at people who enjoy science fiction and fantasy, it is quite and old edition, and I believe that at the time the budget for this was quite high, and now-a-days if someone had that budget they would be able to produce a lot better and more appropriate things with the technology that there is now. The layout of the publication reminds me of propaganda from Germany.

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