Sunday, 10 February 2013

What is...Intended Scale

These are some designs or designers that clearly portray elements of being made for intended scale in their design.
This is a display type, and would only work on this scale. It is intended to be large on a wall, as an installation, as it is plants and lights coming from behind it. This is a good piece of design because of the intended size, also the colours look really good, and work well.
The intended scale of 'Lights Off' is on a wall in an exhibition. This picture is shown from the exhibition, and looks like a good piece of design, it would work really well in the dark with the lights on it. It would only work this way, unless a smaller version was made, but it would also have to be displayed on a wall to create the same effect.
This is designed for a t-shirt although could work on other surfaces too, as it is a clever piece of design. It is very tongue in cheek, and ironic, as it is swearing and blunt, whereas the typeface is very elegant, this is why I find the t-shirt design so interesting and why I like it. It looks as if the top will say something completely different to what it actually does.
The intended scale of this is to be shown in an exhibition, although it would work well to be photographed and used as a an individual piece. Although this on a smaller scale would not work as well. Sagmeister and Walsh work on large scales very often, and a lot of typography which is why I find this designer so interesting.
With this piece of graphic design it could work at any scale, big or small, which is a reason why it is so good. This has a simple colour palette which makes it really effective as it draws your attention to the type centered in the piece, but as it compliments the other colours it means that the type hasn't drowned the detail in the print.
The intended scale for this is on the web as it is a piece of web design. Although without the top bit of information it could work well as an advert or some kind of poster as it is a very strong illustration and the type supports it well. It looks like it is an easy website to use and has been designed to be minimal to make it more effective.
This has an intended scale of being a poster for a film. The specific film is called 'Up' this is clear as the design demonstrates the key characteristics of the main character in the film, he himself is the reason why this film s so popular, therefore showing only this attribute is very effective.
This has been made for a Website, therefore this is its intended scale. It works really well, quite simple yet has links to different sources of information. It is clearly aimed at younger people, possibly aged 5-12, I think this because of the characters on the screen, also the fonts used are child friendly and would attract and appeal to children, therefore it works really well, but wouldn't work well in this format on a poster or a different scale as there isn't a lot of information on this page, as there are links to the information on the website.
There is only one intended scale for this, also you can only see what it says perfectly when you are at a certain angle, this is why it will only work and be that effective on this large scale in car parking lot. You can see what the words say from different angles but it is just clever the way it has been produced and displayed.
This is a logo which will be very useful and works really well larger and smaller. The intended scale for this is clear and it can be changed as it is a logo. It is clever as it playing with the idea of when you get an idea you see an '!' therefore by using an '!' rather than an 'i' as if it has been flipped. The simplicity of this logo works really well can work at different scales, which ever is needed and appropriate at the time.

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