Sunday, 10 February 2013

What is...Message

These are some designs or designers that clearly portray elements of 'showing a message' in their design.
This is a very popular design, 'keep calm and ...'. It has been very over used recently, the signs are everywhere and this is conveying the message to 'be original' as there are too many of these designs and people should think of/use something different. It is an effective design because its true.
There is a series of three versions of this design, showing the same message in slightly different ways, this one I thought was most effective. The message being shown is 'Don't text and drive' its clever as the main piece of text is pixelated and abbreviated as if it were a message, also the dead women's face is text style shocked face, so it relates to the audience.
This piece of graphic design is way finding and and informative. The message in this is to inform, it is to show what is on each floor in a visually pleasing way. I like this as it is plain and simple, simple colours, sticking to the same theme throughout, therefore it is consistant. It is very effective and does it's job.
'The glass is half full' is a saying and some peoples way of life. Thinking optimistically is the message which is being shown in this design. Having only minimal colours and minimal design focuses the audiences attention to the message rather than busy colours and patterns.
Showing a message in a piece of graphic design consists of elements such as, being clever, use of type, to inform and it speaks of itself. This logo design shows all of these elements in it simply by using two martini glasses and the negative space in between to show a house to give 'Martini House'. This is a very clever and successful logo, and works really well.
At first glance this looks to be two martini glasses, then when looking closer, it is vampire teeth with blood dripping off them. It is cleaver and speaks for itself, it does this because it is so minimal that there could be no confusion with clutter. It is showing the fundamental elements of the series, and explains it all in a simple image and two words, very well designed.
A way of communicating a message using graphic design would be to inform. This way finding piece of graphic design is aesthetically pleasing and works really well. The signs are universal and people understand what they mean without having been told, therefore this would be useful in a different country as although you may not be able to speak the language, you will be able to see where you are needing to go through this simple process of design.
This is a film poster and it is showing the message of what the film is about by using negative space. It shows that there is romance by the faces showed in the negative space, it also shows romance by the colours that has been used. The apple in snow white is one of the most memorable and key elements in the film, therefore using it in the poster is clever, it is so effective because of how minimalistic it is.
The signs saying 'Exit' is always shown to direct people on how and where they can leave a building or place. This is clever as it is showing that the 'x' is running out of the 'i', just like people running out of the exit. It is humorous and informative and the message in this is very clear, as it doesn't need a lot of information on it, its very simple and minimal.
The message being shown in this, is that you can beat breast cancer. It is creating awareness and informing people that they can do regular checks on themselves so  that they can beat breast cancer. The information on this creative piece of advertisement is simple, it has minimum colours being use, and is keeping the message clear. This is a serious issue and message which needs to be conveyed therefore the way they are communicating it is appropriate as having more detail than necessary on it, would make it too cluttered and the message would not be clear.

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