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Retail and Promotion

Retail and promotional design is something which graphic design is used for and here are some examples of retail and promotion blogs or websites, also examples of retail and promotional design.

Examples of Retail and Promotion on websites and blogs;

Examples of Retail and Promotional Design;
Retail and promotional design in Abercrombie and Fitch is selling the idea of the buyers, basically saying if they buy their product they will look like this. These bags are made to a certain quality therefore, and are seen as 'higher end' shopping therefore people will reuse these bags, which only promote the shop more.
Although these bags aren't made to as high of a standard as some, they are quite sturdy and can be reused, this will promote the shop more, especially as it is seen to be a good shop to buy your clothes from therefore people will want to be seen with the bags. It is a simple design but by just having the River Island logo on the bag, it will get reused and it is a good way of marketing.
This is retail and promotion in a lower form, as the tesco bags don't get reused as much for a statement, but they may get reused, the classic colour which tesco uses and simplicity on the plastic bags shows a lot about the store. Having the brand on the carrier bags allows people to see where they have been shopping. The white shows purity and the colours link to the logo and brand.
This packaging is very clever, the design has been done really well and attracts peoples attention to it, which will spread the name of the retailer. The stock used works really well with the colour of the type on the packaging, it creates awareness as it is unique, and shows the quality of the product as they have spent time and money in the quality of the design in the packaging this will promote the brand.
The quality of the tags in allsaints is amazing, the detail that goes into them to make them look old, vintage and effortless is really well done. A lot of people collect the tags on clothing from shops like these because of the quality, also because it can show people where they shop. In just the tags it shows a lot about the shop, this has been really well design in this aspect.
Bright orange is an interesting colour, as some people may not like it, but they will associate this shade of orange with Clinton cards. Having all of their signage in this colours creates a stronger influence, so you will remember it more. The signage says a lot about the shop itself, and its quite plain, but also tacky, therefore it works well as its quite a common card shop, very commercial and mass produced, nothing special or unique.
This sign shows that this shop is a bit different, it says a lot about the shop itself, it looks quite quirky but also trendy. This would attract a certain clientele to this business, for example, and old women wouldn't go to this shop unless they wanted to buy something for their grandson/daughter. The typeface is gothic, simple and to the point, it is professional and welcoming, this signage works very well in retail as it invites you in.
These signs were found in the store Oasis, and are also another part of retail and promotion. The signage used in the store is just as important as the signage used outside the store to get people to come in. This sign is informative and playful, it is sticking to the colour schemes of the store, therefore works really well, but the typeface used in the signage is also appropriate. The text is playing with the idea of mixing upper and lower case, whilst not having a x-height, therefore the lowercase letters go to the cap height like the uppercase. This sign will be appealing to the customers, it is following its function by showing people where they had to go, but did it in a playful way.
This is part of the retail and promoting the shop at the same time. This simple shopping bag is bought in store, and is aimed towards a younger audience. Younger girls are the target audience for this product as they buy it so that people know where they shop, so that their friends are aware where they get their cloths from. It promotes the shop when people use these bags, and as they are made quite sturdy, people often reuse them a lot. It is quite simple, and looks like it has been made on a budget, but topshop is an established brand therefore can sell cheaper things for more as they will be used anyway just because of the brand name it has.
This shopping carrier bag is quite substantial, for a carrier bag it is quite strong, this is so that it can be reused by people, this will promote the H&M brand. Although the bags won't cost a lot to make as there is just stock and key, the design is very simple and it is easily reproduceable, it is also quite a durable bag, and looks to have more class and sophistication about it than the old carrier bags they had. The function of this is clear as the bags are used to transport the products bought in the store, but can also be reused, this will promote the brand.

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