Sunday, 10 February 2013

What is...Function

These are some designs or designers that clearly portray elements of function in their design.
This design is showing a very simple and easy message, which is also the function, just getting to the point, using only type, in black and white, very simple. The function is actually showing the 'quality' in the 'quantity', this is why I like this piece of design as its very cleaver.
It is showing two messages, use me and reuse me, and this is its function to advertise Timberland, showing you that the shoe box is reusable, as it is such a good quality box. I like this piece of design because it is very simple but effective, I love these colours as well, especially as it is packaging.
The function of this is a cover for a journal or magazine and is made to inform. It works really well using typography as an image. Using a simple palette of colours allows the design to be more focused on the typography than it is on busy colours and things, which is why I think that works so well.
This is a logo for tape festival, which works really well, using the tape as the media, the subject and the text used is really effective, it is aesthetically pleasing and really brings attention to tape being the subject of this piece. It works really well as a logo as it is simple, and can be displayed smaller or larger. It also works really well for branding.
The function of this is branding, it's called 'Adam and Eve Law Firm' and is trying to portray the image of it being like a religion and linking the design methods to be like the 10 commandments, it does this through branding. I am attracted to this because of the colour scheme throughout, Black, White and Stock, keeping it simple and neutral I think makes it more effective.
The function of this piece of design is to inform people and help them find their way. It works really well as it is simple and there is no clutter so its not confusing. The idea and direction is clear, and that is the point of this design therefore it is successful.
Quick and easy design which is simple and works well, its function is wrapping paper. Using old fashioned wrapping paper (brown paper) and adding blue circles to it, making it more aesthetically pleasing and individual. The function is clear for this, although this process could be used in different ways, this particular design couldn't.
This is very simple and gets the meaning across by just playing with the shape of a letter. The function of this piece is that it is used for a logo, this is an effective logo as it will work larger or smaller, it is also very clear about what the logo is used for. The logo is playing with the idea of the product it is selling and the concept of the product, simply by using one word.
YKM bags are promoting an active way of life, they are also shopping bags with are using the handle for the skipping rope to show the active way of life. This is showing the function very clearly in the aesthetics, also using the handle in a clever way makes the design better and gets the audience involved in the design, this is why I think that this is so successful. There are many different versions of making shopping bags creative, but this is a good example of how is works so well, and is also advertising an idea to keep healthy.

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