Sunday, 10 February 2013

What is...Design Context

These are some designs or designers that clearly portray elements of design context in their design.
This packaging design is very simple, subtle, and has really nice colours which work well together. I love nice packaging, for me the packaging is why I buy a product. As they say don’t judge a book by its cover, I always judge the product by its packaging. Its also quite clever and funny, taking the mick out of larger companies and things by stating the obvious using type.
In this context this piece of design makes sense and sends a very strong message to make people think that some things we take for granted others simply cant do. If this was on a piece of paper for a poster it would have the same affect as it does displayed on the stairs. It is a very effective piece of design and really makes people think and be more aware.
The context of this piece is that it is print. The designer has printed brown onto white card, which produced a negative space image of 'thank you'. The design for this is quite quirky, therefore the colour use is appropriate and works really well, its very neutral and therefore can be used for many different occasions.
This is branding that works really well. The logo for the brand has been illustrated using a comb for wings on the bird, which works in this context as it is branding for a barbers shop. It works really well as a set as it has been kept to simple colours, just black and stock, which makes it so effective. The theme that Fast Eddie's Barber Shop has gone for is quite old fashioned and traditional, making things simple and easy, which comes across in their branding and logo design.
This is quite an informal product, it is suppose to be fun, and adding this packaging to it allows it to become slightly more serious, its kind of ironic packaging. The packaging was made through printed media, it is simple and clean. The visual impact of it is really high as the packaging alone would make me want a cup cake. Atlanta cupcake company hired a young recently graduated designer, called Timothy Young to do the packaging design for this product.
This is a form of packaging, its an envelope with items inside including an invitation for a wedding. This has appropriate colours, typefaces and layout for what it is, as visually it looks quite romantic and classic, but also it looks quite contemporary. Looks to be quite formal on the outside and looking over all but has non formal elements to it, which I think makes it more contemporary.
There is packaging in the envelopes and things but the reason why I chose this for context is because the whole point of this is branding. This is evident because of the use of consistance in the stock and the the font used. It is quite a simple design, with no added extras to it, which means it just gets straight to the point, and removed everything which is unnecessary, which is what makes it so strong.
The context for this piece of graphic design is that it is used for infographics and is used to inform. I like the colours used as the designer has stuck to a simple colour palette which works well in this as there is a lot of information, and even though it has simple shapes, there is quite a lot of detail to it, therefore by keeping the colours simple, it doesn't confuse the design too much.
Business cards are really important, as the clients will keep them and it says a lot about the company. This design has a leather look about it, it looks as if quality and quite expensive, this is the look it was going for. Skill Lab have asked to show a certain image about themselves, which the designyourownway company have taken and come out with this. The type on the business card has been embossed which also shows class and makes the card memorable to clients.
This print was posted by damnfineprints, and the context for this is that it is printed, and has been printed well. 'Keep Calm and...' is a very common design, it has been over used, and is seen everywhere, which has made it become less popular as it keeps being adapted then reproduced. This is one of the only examples of this design which I like. It is playing with two different medias, screen based and printed, it is humorous and appeals to many people. The small colour palette used works well for this design, and the use of stock is appropriate.

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