Sunday, 3 March 2013


5 things about me as a person;

1. I like to keep fit, exercising makes me happy and makes me feel refreshed, it is something that I do for a break, it helps me to clear my mind.

2. I love animals, specifically dogs, I really want a pug or a beagle, or a puggle (cross of a pug and beagle).

3. I like making lists, and find them very satisfying when I can tick things off when I have completed them. Although I have learnt that I spend a lot of time trying to organise my time by making lists, but I over plan, therefore I run out of time to do the things on my list, and rarely ever finish my lists.

4. I am a procrastinator, I am always doing something, then I get detracted and end up doing something else.

5. My favourite place in the world is Verbier, Switzerland, it is where my brother lives and I can also ski there.

5 thing about myself as a designer;
1. When doing practical work, or looking at other designers, I have found that I am drawn towards designs which are more simple and clean. This has shown me what I am interested in. When looking at different design blogs, these are the designs that I look for.

Noma Bar

2. During this course I have found that I am more interesting in logos in branding and identity. I have learned how much they do for a brand, and there is still more for me to learn about. I especially like how some logos use negative space to show hidden meanings to a brand, and I like how effective this makes the logo.

Julius Seniunas

3. I like to use different methods of printing, for example screen printing and mono printing. I think that these methods are very effective, and make the designs more physical rather than just digitally printing.

Anthony Peters

4. Since being on this course I have found that checking design blogs and websites that are updated regularly helps me, increases my knowledge about design, and keeps my design ideas current.

From up North

5. I have always found that I like packaging even when I was doing my foundation course, but since I have been on this course I found that my interest in packaging has increased and I have learnt that it is something that I have most time for, and have most interest in.

Claudia Carieri

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