Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I You Were A...?

If you were a book what would your subject be and who would read you?
Any Rohl Dahl book book as it is simple ans easy to read, and is always enjoyable! I have never been very good at reading but Rohl Dahl books are something which reads really easily, everyone can read Rohl Dahl books and enjoy them, although they are mostly read by children.
If you were a packaging what would you contain and who would open you?
If I were packaging I would be a tissue box, because I am always there for people when they aren't feeling well and upset, the people who would open me, are people who are upset, and I would be used to make them feel better. They would feel better as I would be comforting and humorous to take their minds off their problems.
If you were a shop what would you sell and who would but it?
If I were a shop I would be a sweet shop, in particular The Traditional Sweet Shop in Leeds, it is a retro shop, everyone who works there is happy and very enthusiast about the customers and products.I would be a sweet shop as if you ask anyone one of my friends or family, sweets are one of the main things which get me through things, I always have sweets.
If you were a poster what would you promote and to whom?
If I were a poster, I would want to promote motivation, I would have motivational quotes on the posters. This poster for example has a inspirational quote on it, it is simple and has been printed, this is exactly the kind of poster I would be. I would be aimed at
If you were a brand what would your values be and why would they be important?
If I were a brand I would be Daisy by Marc Jacobs, specifically Daisy Sunshine, this is because it is something I have used for a long time, also it is named after me. My values would be making people happy and smell nice, I am a brand which is reliable and very well known, it is something you can rely on.
If you were an exhibition what would you show and where would you show it?
If I were an exhibition I would show screen prints of single words, all positive words as I believe that everyone should think positively, also I love screen printing and think that is one of my main strengths. My exhibition would be in Leeds as this is where I live and is where I have always lived, it is a very important place to me.
If you were a leaflet what information would you contain and who would read it?
If I were a leaflet I would be a found in universities and colleges, also could be found in schools, it would be full of things which I have learnt which made life easier for me, personally and professionally, for example telling people that they are going to get through something by just doing this...ect.
If you were a sign what would you show, to whom and where?
If I were a sign I would be simple, colourful(but tasteful), I would be straight to the point, happy and inspiring. You would find me in places you wouldn't expect, if your feeling down I would be there, as soon as you see me I would cheer you up, with my light heartedness.
If you were an app what would you do and who would use it?
If I were an app I would be snap chat, I think that it is a really well thought through app, it is available for everyone, it is used to allow people to communicate in a more inventive way. It can also allow people to come out of their comfort zones as they can send a picture which will disappear after a maximum of 10 seconds.
If you were a blog, what would you be about and who would follow you?
If I were a blog I would be like theinspirationlist, which it a blog with lots of other blogs on it, helpful when you need something, but doesn't actually contain any information itself. The people who would follow me are people who are lost, I will help them with what they need but only by guiding them in that direction, not by doing it myself.
If you were an event, what would it be and how would you promote it?
If I were an event I would be a fun fair, there would be lots of rides and roller coasters, there are also stalls and food, a bit of something for everyone. I would promote it using posters and balloon animals, the posters or leaflets would have info graphics showing how to make the balloon then at the bottom would have the fun fair details on it.

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