Monday, 4 March 2013

What Makes You You?

What makes you you?
What makes you a designer?

After writing our 5 things that makes you you, and illustrating them with images, also the 5 things which makes you a designer with images, we were told to have the images separate them mix them up. As a pair, me and Mel made bullet points about our initial thoughts from the images we were given. After bullet pointing about what we think the images mean to them, and separating them into piles of which we think are about them and what we think are about them as a designer, we wrote 50 words about them, and what we thought the images meant.

  • Likes use of colour
  • Geometric shapes
  • Cats could be her favourite animal
  • Likes family
  • Organised person
  • Gold? Jewellery? Ambition?
  • Interested in type
  • Simple/Clear
Roxie is someone who hopes to achieve and has ambition. Being organised helps her to work efficiently an generate numerous ideas for her design work which often features the use of various colours and type. There are different sides of her personality, and it is evident that family is of importance to her. She likes cats.

  • Monochrome
  • Triangles
  • Minimal design
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Geometric
  • Minimal colours
  • Organised
Vicki is an easy going, down to earth individual, who values her family. Her interests lie in music and fashion. Her design work consists of sophisticated, simplistic/minimalist designs featuring the use of monochrome and geometric shapes. Her organised approach to work helps her to create balanced designs. Triangles.

After doing this we went back to our groups and told each other what we had written to see if we agreed with them, and to see if them matched.

What Sam and Sarah said about me;
Daisy likes to Ski as a hobby and maybe she has been on a skiing holiday or is planning to go. She gets distracted from work by watching you tube videos or visiting other sites on the internet. She likes dogs or has got a dog. We also thought that Daisy is organised, or may aspire to be more organised and likes to keep fit in classes such as zumba.  As far as practice is concerned. Daisy is very interested in packaging design, particularly those or design in general that is minimalist but has a funny tone of voice. She also likes it when these values are combined with clever concepts. Daisy keeps up to date with looking at blogs, or thinks she should view more as this is an important part of development.

I thought that what Sarah and Sam took from my images was very accurate and shows that the images I chose communicates who are am as a person and as a designer very well.

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