Friday, 22 March 2013

Speaking From Experience Initial Crit

The crit;
In this crit I had three boards my method of delivery, concept and production. These were my ideas or the brief, how I thought I would produce my ideas and how I would deliver them.

  • What format will the digital side form?
  • What will form the content, self directed or acquired?
  • Research - listography - books sold on urban outfitters site - may help with to do list?
  • Tone of voice?
  • Maybe not what they shouldn't be doing, but what they should be doing, in moderation?
  •  Procrastination, scale, size, format, content, structure
  • Questionnaires - good planning research
  • Design blogs are a good way to 'procrastinate well' makes them more informed.
  • Pin-ups are a good for reminding students.
  • Make sure you get the content ready. Design this asap
  • Self control
  • Maybe like what to do at the front then upside down on the back what no to do!
  • More creative things to inspire you.
  • Why you not working, too tired? Thats what you said yesturday...
  • Self control-app
  • Everyone knows what not to do, it there a way to actually stop them?
  • Sticky notes?
  • Good to include resources, indicate where they can find their own resources, blogs, books, e.t.c.
  • Will it be mainly image?
  • How will the pin ups be more eye catching and persuasive?
  • Maybe ask people what questions they needed answering?
  • Will people take notice?
  • Instead of procrastinating on facebook look at blogs
  • Sections, organise book/guide
  • Let them make it personal, own to do lists
  • Poster maybe better than calender
  • Inspirational
  • Stay relevant to the theme of procrastination
  • Self Control
What I took from the crit;
  • Do pin ups, students are always looking for things they can put on their walls.
  • Consider size
  • Consider stock
  • Consider format
  • Course has limited places, they should feel privileged, and they are here for a reason, they were chosen from a lot of applicants.
  • Do lots of mock ups
  • Good quality design.

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