Friday, 2 May 2014

PPP Branding Pack Research

PPP Pack Research.
For my PPP pack I am wanting to look into packaging so that I know how I will be packaging my branding. I also need to look into branding and see what works well and what would be appropriate for me and my branding.

What I like most about this packaging is the colours that are used, I could also use this sort of packaging for my business cards, or maybe offer a business card holder in my pack with my business card being the first one they have. This would be something that people would never think to need but would be very useful.
When I am branding myself I want it to have a similar impact to this, showing packaging, and illustration, two things I am interested in. I also think that these colours work really well together, although they do remind me of nature, which is what this is for.

Creative and simple packaging, this is exactly what effect I want to have with my packaging. The colours that have been used are quite pastely, also the tone of voice for the packaging is humorous, this is what makes it so interesting, and this is what I want to achieve in my design. I think what makes it more effective is that there are more than one boxes, the other boxes allow the humour to come through. I also think that the tone of voice for this packaging would be good for my ppp pack, trying to show my personality through my pack.
This packaging reflects the product well as the product is a delicate cookie/cake of a certain size, which is packaged in small simple folded packages. The packaging net is simple therefore the design on them is quite decorative and pretty. Each design is different and unique, this attract a certain clientele, as these are aimed at women, they could be used as party favours or treats, although the function of the packaging is clear, as there is just enough room for the cookies, this works really well. I think that I could include this in my branding, although it might be irrelevant, although I will bare it in mind for the future.

Branding and Identity.
I will definitely need to create my own identity and do branding for my pack. I think that I will need to do something to stand out, maybe by use of colour choice, or the concept of the pack itself. I think that it would be useful to look into a few different brands and their stationary to see how they all work as a set.
What I find so interesting about this example of branding and identity is that the logo is actually different each time, but they are also very similar in the way that they have been produced, and even though they are not the same they still work as a logo and a brand. The tone of voice for this is very professional you can see this on the quality of the stock and the prints that have been used on the business cards, the subtle shade of blue on the brown stock works really well with the illustrations used in the logos.
What is so effective and recognisable about this brand it the font that has been used. Also the format and the layout for each piece is very similar, this keeps consistency and keeps everything looking like they should be together. This style of branding is appropriate for its audience, it attracts them to it and works really well. Although the stock looks like its a good quality I think the budget for this is quite low as it has only used one colour in printing which makes it cheaper.
Having a colour that stands out from the rest is a good way to attract attention, and this is exactly what this branding is, it is creating and identity for itself, something which reflects the identity of the brand onto their products, as this is very vibrant but still quite simple which reflects the tone of voice well. This is something that I am looking to do when branding myself, having a colour that people will remember, so that when I send out my packs, they will remember me.
La Charcuterie is something quite unique, I have never seen anything like this before, I think this is one of the reasons why it is so effective. Using meat such as salami as they background behind their logo is really clever as it is the kind of thing that stays with you, as it is different and weird in a way. Although the colour might not be consistent they still work well as a brand because of the concept and idea behind the logo and the brand. Finding something alternative and different to use will make people remember you and it will be more distinctive.
What is different about this type of branding is the use of embossing on the products. The use of black ink on a white stock shows class and sophistication in a company, and for this it is not different. Embossing the business cards letters and envelopes allow the design to be simple and use only stock, but it also allows the designs to have more depth to it, it again shows that it is a professional company. From this I have taken that the target audience for this brand is professional adults, as that's who it would be suitable for, I need to bare my audience in mind when making my pack, as it needs to reflect me and be suitable for my audience.

For my creative CV I want to include information graphics, and I think it would be helpful to look at current infographics, to see how it works. Inforgraphics is something I have always been interested in but I find it hard to do. It is something I want to do more of, doing my creative CV means that I can explore information graphics further. Although I am quite limited on time to make and design my entire pack, so I will look into information graphics further at a different time.
The function of this is info-graphics, which this is clearly showing. The colours used work very well together and using a limited colour palette works for them as it allows the information to come through without cluttering it up with too many colours. The geometric shapes used are effective, it gives the design more structure. The audience for this piece of info-graphics are creative adults who are seeking help with digital media design, and as the colours are minimal it would attract adults to it more as children would be less interested as it is not colourful enough for them. This is the kind of target audience I am aiming my pack at, this is something I need to consider when making my creative CV, as I want it to be information graphics.
What is interesting about this piece of information graphics is the layout, the way the information has been displayed. The minimal shapes used in the info-graphics allows the design and information to be clearer, and although each biscuit has been simplified you are still able to see what each biscuit they are without reading the labels. The colours used look really attractive although I'm not sure why each colour was chosen for the arms on each biscuit as I thought it should have some relevance to the biscuit. Although I like the aesthetics of it. This is something I am going to consider when making my CV.

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