Monday, 28 April 2014


PPS (Professional Packaging Service).
PPS offers bespoke designs. Each PPS client has a dedicated account executive to manage the process from development to production and final delivery of their packaging. They establish a strong understanding of each of the client's requirements to ensure continuity and effective communication. They have a skilled team to provide a unique professional packaging service. This is a team I would love to be involved in as I am interested in packaging design especially bespoke packaging.


Established in 1979, they are the market leaders in the retail gift and presentation packaging arena. As the UK's premier packaging solutions provider, they offer clients unique constructional ideas, graphic design, worldwide sourcing and assembly, combined with full service project management. Their continued growth and success is achieved with the support of their loyal clients and commitment to exceed customers' expectations in quality and service.Their business operates in a contemporary open plan working environment which creates a relaxed and friendly platform conducive to dynamic creative thinking and excellent team communication.

PPS are well known for their bespoke packaging design mainly for drink packaging although they also do cosmetics, gifts and fragrances.

PPS is non-manufacturing and has built a strong network of manufacturing partners throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East, who offer solutions for each and every packaging requirement.

Examples of Drinks Packaging.
PPS focus on the client and the clients need rather than focusing on factory dictated designs. This is somewhere I would love to do some work experience, having no limit to the packaging design, going over and above to make a clients product bespoke and interesting. The designs are so crisp and clean, they have been designed with skill and precision and have a very professional finish.

Example of Gift Packaging.
As well as drinks packaging they also create gift packaging. Simple yet effective packaging.

I will be contacting PPS about trying to get some work experience during the summer, it is something I would love to do especially as I am interested in packaging design, and love their bespoke packaging. There is definitely a reason why major brands such as Grey Goose Vodka contact them to design their packaging, as their design are immaculate. The company is based in Bradford although they do have an office in Hong Kong too, but having a Bradford office means that it would be easily accessible for me. A friend of a friend is close to Simon Bell, the General manager and founder of PPS and hopefully he will get back to me about maybe doing a weeks work experience during the summer.

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