Sunday, 27 April 2014


Life's a Pitch has been a really interesting and helpful task. Although doing presentations is something I don't look forward to doing, I found this presentation quite exciting. Business studies is something I have always enjoyed doing, I did it at school and did very well in it. When hearing about this brief initially I felt nervous but then finding out the specific requirements for the presentation I realised this is something I have an interest in, therefore I enjoyed it a lot.

My group worked really well together, I think that we all pulled our own weight. It was a good idea for us to set different tasks for each of us to do, this spread the work load evenly amongst the five of us, which meant that there was a fair amount of work to do. When it came to setting each of our roles, we all chose things that we were comfortable with and interested in which made it easier for us to research. Having Danielle and Ant in my group meant that we were able to expand our business further as their are really interested in web design and know a lot about hosting, where as Sarah Mel and I are more interested in print and illustrations which gave us a wide scope of information about the company we wanted to set up. I think it is important to get along with your group as I think that work gets done a lot quicker and more efficiently this way.

I think that our presentation went really well, I think that it included a good balance between detailed information, but not too much that it was boring and didn't relate to the audience. There were a few moments in the presentation where I think I could have said more, and messed up a bit, like some others in my group would agree they did too. Going through the presentation was a good idea as I think that it allowed us to all go through what we would be saying so that we could try and include all the necessary information. There is a lot of information that we didn't include on the presentation but did in fact research as we didn't think that it would be appropriate to put everything on the presentation.

Because there were five people in our group the work was distributed evenly and less overwhelming. There wasn't as much for each of us to research which is why we were able to be quite specific and detail with the research we all did. If we were to do Life's a Pitch again, I would have talked about being Sublime ltd more in the publication, explaining the naming of the business and why we have included ltd. I think that overall our presentation went really well and worked well as a group, I think a few of us would have done a few things differently whilst we were presenting, but other than that I am really happy with Sublime ltd. I would love to start this company after finishing our degree, I was really disappointed that it wasn't actually happening in the end, and that it was just a proposal.

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