Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Logo Development.

Logo Designs.
As a group we decided on the name 'Sublime" Design Studios. After our first meeting we made a facebook group so that we could all keep in touch with each other and exchange ideas. We all went away with our own tasks and topics to research, as well as this we all tried some logo designs, so that we could find the one that would work best.
I started by thinking about submarines as we are called Sublime. Using different opacities of a lime colour I created a submarine.
I think that the submarine looks really inappropriate for our business therefore I started to just work with the colour lime and the words 'Sublime' 'Design' 'Studio'. Although I think that I should include a lime in the logo design. This is because our company includes illustration as me Mel and Sarah like illustration, therefore the logo should include some sort of illustration.

I illustrated a lime and used it in the 'I' or I thought about using it as a full stop, although I have recently done a group brief using the icon as a full stop.

I also thought about putting the word 'Sublime' in a lime, although I think that it looks like a refreshing drink.

I think that this logo works better, as it is including the right colours, and illustration and showing that it is a design studio rather than just a drink. Although I think that the group might find this colour a bit too bright, and if any of my logos are used, the colour might need to be toned down. I will put all of my logos onto our facebook group for the rest of my group to see.

After putting them on the group.
We all put all of our different logo designs on the facebook pages to get comments and see which one we are going to chose for our brand. We all agreed that because of the colours and the lime illustrations, a lot of the logos look like drinks. After doing this we decided that we are going to meet up in the Easter holidays so that we can all exchange ideas and decide in person.

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