Sunday, 30 March 2014


Studio MIKMIK.
I found this studio based in Shipley, it is a graphic design studio that specialises in illustrations. I think that this design studio would be perfect for me, it is quite a small studio, working personally with briefs.

They branded their own studio and designed the website themselves, I think that the website has been really well designed, this is something that is important for a design studio, having a clear well designed website.

'Studio MIKMIK is a graphic design and illustration studio established in 2006 by Michael Lewis.
We create well crafted solutions for print, identity, illustration and online projects.
By working with Studio MIKMIK you'll receive a friendly design service where every project is handled with care and attention to detail is paramount. From first meeting to final delivery, no matter how small or large a project, you can be assured that every question will be answered and cups of tea will never be far away.'

Work they produce.
Magic Number Three is a boutique store in the heart of the World Heritage village of Saltaire, West Yorkshire. As purveyors of high quality ethical clothing along with contemporary art and craft MN3 required a strong, bold look to its printed material combined with a quirky style to match the store's lovingly crafted environment. Studio MIKMIK utilised a sketchy, hand drawn, pen and ink drawing style for MN3's business stationery which naturally progressed to the first in a range of Saltaire based postcards featuring bespoke illustration by Studio MIKMIK — the first of which features the MN3 store front. Source

Veris is an international security and risk consultancy based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The core logo is built from a triangular grid representing strength and stability in a sector where these virtues are paramount. The Veris V pattern is abstracted from the core logo and will feature on document covers, brochures and business stationery. Source

The Kirkgate Centre is a 'creative, cultural, community space' located in an old school house in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The Kirkgate Centre approached Studio MIKMIK to create an identity for the centre that referenced the history of the building. The logo marque is stylised from a prominent carved stone window detail that bookends the building. The reverse of the Kirkgate Centre stationery features a repeating pattern created from the logo marque which acts as a subtle watermark. Source

Studio MIKMIK was commissioned by Leeds Museums & Galleries to create the identity and all printed media for their 2010 collection of bird themed exhibitions titled Flock Together.
The Flock Together exhibitions include 'A House of Birds' at Temple Newsam House which will feature the work of J.J. Audobon, 'Matters of Life and Death' at Leeds City Art Gallery' displaying J.M.W Turner's watercolour studies of birds for the first time in eight years and 'Ruffled Feathers' at Lotherton Hall exploring the use of birds in fashion and textiles. Source

Unfortunately because Studio is quite small, it is not taking on any interns or placements, therefore I don't think that I would email them to ask for a placement as I wouldn't get one anyway. Although I think that if I were going to try and get a placement with them, I would go to Shipley as it isn't too far away from where I live and hand deliver a mini portfolio and a business card, with a personalised letter inside. I think that personal letter would be suitable for this studio as they work in a very personal way, getting to know their clients well. This is something I think they might take notice of and react to. I will keep looking into Studio MIKMIK to see if they do offer any placements, and I think through the summer I will go and visit them, so that they know I am interested in their studio, and appreciate their work.

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