Friday, 21 March 2014

Group Meeting 1

Assigning Roles.
We were told to get into groups of 4 or 5, therefore my group consist of...
  • Daisy Conway (Me)
  • Melissa Gater
  • Danielle Harrison
  • Anthony White
  • Sarah Goldthorpe
I think that this is a very mixed group and I think that there is a lot that each of us would be able to bring to the group. We went through all of the different things that we would need to start up a business and do this presentation.

What is the nature of our business?
Where will we work from?
What must we consider?
Who is our market?
Are we a Sole Trader?
Are we a Partnership/Coop?
Are we a Limited Company?
Are we a Limited Liability Company?
From a start up Organisation?
Renting office space?
Rent desk space with another studio?
How much will we charge?
Things we need to take into consideration?
What financial things must be put in place?
What records must we keep?
Will we pay tax?

We started by deciding that we will will be a branding company, for both print and web design, this is because me Mel and Sarah are better with print, whilst Ant and Danielle are better with Web, therefore we have different skills in our company. We then all started to think about names for our studio, something that would stand out amongst the rest and be unique for us. We also decided that whatever our name would be we would want our branding to be consistent using the colours, lime and grey. Because of our colour scheme Ant came up with the name Sublime, which we all agreed to.

Roles for Research.
Company status (plc,ltd, ect)
Basic bits that a business needs
Records that will be needed to run a business
Looking at our USP (unique selling point)
How much to charge clients
Looking at locations for the studio
External commercial printers
Costings for business (start up costs, monthly costings)
Hosting Web servers
Banks for loans

We also all decided that we would look into deigning logos for Sublime, and we could decided which to use on our next meeting. This is something that we are all going to individually and then in our next meeting we can all bring our information together so that we can all learn from each other, and be more prepared for our presentation. We have also decided to make a facebook group, this will just make it easy for us all to communicate and share ideas and pan meetings.

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