Thursday, 20 March 2014

Final Crit - Everything

Final Crit.
For the final crit we started in our collaborative partnerships and we set out all of our design boards and went round to see everyone else collab brief. I found this really interesting because I have only seen a few briefs, where as in this brief I can see the range of everyone's briefs.

Collaborative Crit.

The feedback we received from this crit was all constructive, the main point we found was that we need to condense our boards as we have way too many boards, and people were getting lost in them. This is something that we will improve for the actual submission of Oasis.

Individual Crit.
For the individual crit we had to stay in our partnership and go round our table looking through other peoples individual briefs and commenting on what can be improved and what we think. I didn't receive a lot of feedback as our table wasn't very organised, and my boards didn't get critted well. Therefore after the crit a couple of people from my group gave me some feedback.

Board are very clear and present your content well.
Good mock ups to help visualise context.
Relevant for the purpose.
Maybe use a different colour background for The Body Shop Boards, or not.
Maybe do mock ups for your books.
Inject colour into boards with font?

Project Management.
A good range of briefs, long and short term. A good amount. Strong designs.
Maybe try out a logo design, business cards? 99 designs.
Good range of briefs regarding sizes and subject types.
Keep it up.

How you answered the brief.
Body Shop brief has a very nice perspective with humour but still works informationally.
All other briefs have been executed well.
Really good concept for Body Shop and campaign.
Maybe put pattern on some mock ups.

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