Friday, 28 March 2014

Group Meeting 2

Research Feedback.
Melissa has been looking into how much it will cost to set up the business including the costs of printers, macs and everything that we would need to start up. This came to about £18,000, although we all have our own macs and programmes so this will reduce the price of our start up costs.

Sarah has been looking into where our office studio will be and how much it will be costing for the rent and the electrics and things. She came up an office space called Granary Whalf, it is an office block full of 19 others creative people in each of the office. She is going to take it further and contact the offices to find out how much it will be costing.

Danielle has been looking into what will make our company different to the other, having different occasions and treats, for example every pay day have a free pizza day, and dovet days. She also looked into other web design companies to find out how much they charge, she found that they charge £100 an hour.

I looked into what kind of business we were going to be and why. I have found that a private limited company will be the best option for our business. This means that we will not be liable for any costs beyond the money we invested in the business, as the debts would stop with the business. If we wanted to be a limited company we could also have been a public limited company, but this means that shares of our business on the stock exchange, this isn't something that we want, therefore private limited company would be best for us. I also started to look into what documents are needed to start a business, for example sending off the company name and see if it is acceptable.

We have decided that our name is going to be sublime, this was found by Ant, and this has lead us to our colour scheme of lime and white. This is something that all of our group has agreed to and are happy with. We will all go away and look into doing logos, as we will all have different ideas, and we can bring them together and see which we like best.

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