Friday, 28 March 2014

Preperation for Presentations.

The Session.
The PPP business presentation.
Why are you here?
Introduce yourself.
Where are you based?
Show where your office space is, inside and outside.
Show them what you can do.
Talk about who you work with.
What makes your company the best, information about it.
Work with us! Tell them what you want them to do.
How we work.
Its good to finish on asking question to the audience.
Always thank people for their time, and tell them again that you want them to work with you.
Reiterate who you are, details about how to get in touch with you.
Leave your branding on the last slide.
Don't be too boring, fun and interesting is better.

Adobe owns behance, therefore whatever you put on behance belongs to Adobe unless you have a copyright symbol on it. Remember once you have created something and put it online, you are potentially giving it away for free.
Keep records of what you do.
Establish an ownership before you go legal.
You don't have to register a trade mark logo, as long as you have the date stamp. The process of registration is going into certain publication to be challenged. There are certain words that cant be registered.
You could always put your initials on in a circle in the place as a mark. Most people don't read what they actually say, they just look at it.
If you work for someone, what you do is copyright to them, anything that you do there belongs to them.
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