Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Final Crit

Final Crit for Exhibition.
As it is the final crit we are suppose to bring mock ups for people to check over and be looking at the final corrections. Although because there have been lots of different deadlines up to this point, I had to prioritise my work and unfortunately I am behind on my schedule am wasn't as prepared for my crit.

The questions I wanted feedback on were.
1. What would be the best way to print on t-shirts?
2. Should I propose selling packs to raise money for all animals but just create one example, or create all 8?
3. The animal posters - eye colour - or no eye colour?
4. General feedback?

  • Iron on? Save a lot of time but might not be very professional looking. +1
  • I think, make a pack for at least half of the animals. You can propose the other half and photograph them cleverly.
  • I like the eye colour idea but it doesn't work on all of the posters. Maybe try other colours?
  • I like the overall concept and the publication has a consistent layout and general aesthetic - maybe keep the illustration style the same throughout? Publication + posters are different - confusing?
  • Screen printing or ironing are the best ways to print onto a t-shirt.
  • I would just create one example and propose the rest.
  • The eye colour works, however, I'm not sure the chosen eye colour works on the penguin because of the low contrast, increase the saturation/tone.
  • Really strong illustrations. A good colour throughout the publication.
  • Could do vinyl heat press if its a simple design/minimal colour, if not, screen print.
  • Create as many as you can.
  • Eye colour - but make sure that if it stands out on them all like the tiger one. 
  • Maybe have a different animal for each job role for staff and make name cards for the uniform.
  • Screen print or iron on transfer.
  • I would try to create as many as you can in the time allowed, however, at this point, I would make one really well done and propose the others by photographing what you've made and photoshopping the designs.
  • If the eye colour is gonna be as successful on it as the tiger then yes. If it is going to effect the designs of the others to the audience then leave them out.
  • The designs in the book are very simple yet the poster designs are very detailed and this is a contrast. Have you thought about have the silhouettes from the book as the posters? Can still use the eye colour and may have a bigger impact.

What I took from my feedback.
The publication I took to the crit with me was the original 16 page research book publication, therefore the posters and the research publication don't have to be consistent, although I didn't point this out in my crit so I understand why people were confused. I think that I am going to experiment with iron on transfers for the t-shirts and see how they look. I also think that it will be a good idea for each of the staff in the exhibition to have a specialist subject, and they should all have the animal of their specialism on their t-shirts. Although I had little work, the feedback I received was very helpful and I have taken a lot from this crit.

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