Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Creative Interests

My Creative Interests.For PPP I wanted to look through my year and reflect on the areas I think I have found myself going into in respect to my fields of creative interests. I have found that throughout level five I have become more interested in illustration and branding. I am also interesting in packaging, but this is something I have always enjoyed through my time on this course.

During my first year I found that I enjoy doing screen prints as I believe that they leave a clean and clear finish to the design, Anthony Peters does this very well. Using only two colours plus stock Anthony Peters allowed his print to be very aesthetically pleasing and has actually sold out of this print on his website, which shows it has been successful. The prints he produced influenced a lot of my designs, as I enjoy creating posters using limited colours as I believe that it works really well. During third year I plan to do a lot more screen prints in my design process, and Anthony Peters is a designer I will continue to follow and look into, as he influences my work greatly.

What makes these jars of honey so appealing and creative is the illustrations used on the packaging. Resembling a honey comb, each illustration is unique and adds to the design, the colours used for the illustrations are appropriate, and although each of the different honey jars have different colours, they all work as a set, as the colours all compliment each other. The target audience for this product are people who like honey, the illustrations also all have key links to honey and bees on them, which is why people will connect so much with this packaging and therefore would choose this over a different honey product. This piece of design demonstrates packaging and illustration, which are two of my favourite fields of creative interest.

I found this greetings card in my local supermarket, I had to buy it as I think that it is an amazing piece of design, the illustration is very effective, the card is not specific towards a birthday or special occasion which means it can be used for anything. After finding this I have found myself collecting greetings cards which I think are well designed. Paul Rocca has a series of these cards, which all derive from objects or vehicles which have been illustrated in more of a simple way than an image although still very detailed so that its not too cluttered. The colours that he has used in this design are very appropriate for the design, this is another reason why I follow this designer. Paul Rocca is the reason why I started to illustrate the way that I do, I used to do minimal illustrations which I like when appropriate, but recently I find myself producing more detailed illustrations which I prefer.

Noma Bar is a designer who I have been looking at for the past few years, I think that his work is amazing. He uses negative space in a very clever way, to allow the design to have two or more meanings, it shows hidden images to make the message he is trying to communicate clearer. His illustrations are minimal and simple yet so effective in the use of negative space, this influences my design. Noma bar works with a limited colour palette and throughout his designs he often uses some of the same colours. Noma Bar is a designer I would love to meet and try to become as successful as within design, he influences my work with his use of simple shapes, colours and how effective something so minimal can be.

I started to look at Denis Carrier when I found one of his editorial designs in InD Magazine, since then I looked through his work and found him to be inspirational for my design. He starts with an idea, and starts to create illustrations from that, his designs are often humorous, and they are always effective. A lot of Denis Carriers designs start with illustrations, but always end in a good quality design, with a minimal colour palate, which are usually neutral and pastel colours with a professional finish. He influences my work with the way he does small illustrations of objects, taking something complex and making it simple and effective, this is something that I try to do with my work, having an effective illustration says a lot more than an image.

Packaging is something that I have always been interested in, although I haven't created a lot of packaging in level 5. This is something I want to get back into next year. What I like about this design are the colours that have been used and more importantly the way that they have been used. The packaging isn't very complex yet it is so effective in the way that it has been die cut, showing the important information through the hole and the colours that represent each of the flavours of the tea. This is a creative field I am interested in, packaging and the use of different folds and crafting that makes the design so effective.

I have always been very aware of branding and identity through this course and even before this course, although up until recent sessions purley about branding and brand guidelines, I haven't appreciated it. This is branding that works really well. The logo for the brand has been illustrated using a comb for wings on the bird, which works in this context as it is branding for a barbers shop. It works really well as a set as it has been kept to simple colours, just black and stock, which makes it so effective. The theme that Fast Eddie's Barber Shop has gone for is quite old fashioned and traditional, making things simple and easy, which comes across in their branding and logo design. What I like about this design is how minimal it is, using the logo and type in monotone to produce this design that is so aesthetically pleasing, this is why I enjoy branding because it is so strong and effective.

Another example of branding showing that having a colour that stands out from the rest is a good way to attract attention, and this is exactly what this branding is, it is creating and identity for itself, something which reflects the identity of the brand onto their products, as this is very vibrant but still quite simple which reflects the tone of voice well. This is something that I think I will try and do when branding myself in level 5, I think I want to use a vibrant colour that will stand out and be remembered.

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