Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Developing Logo and Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme.
I think that it is important to have a colour scheme running throughout a brand. I decided to go onto Adobe Kuler to look through a range of different colour schemes. I initially wanted to use a mint colour, like a greeny blue, although I found that a lot of people were using this colour for their self branding pack, and as I hadn't started yet, I was able to change my colour.

 I think that blue is a colour that is quite neutral, not too vibrant but enough colour so that it stands out. Although I used the colour blue last year and found that I should have a change, as what I produced last year didn't really reflect my or my personality. I think that a vibrant orange or pink would work well. As I am quite a girly girl, pink would suit me, and it is my favourite colour, although I don't want it to be too much. Testing it on my logo means that I will be able to see whether it will work or not.

Logo Development.
In my first year I did a lot of logo development, looking at the initials of my name Daisy Sunshine Conway (DSC). When experimenting I realised that my initials look like a person dancing. This reflects me really well, therefore it is a concept I want to stick with.

From my blog.
I started to design a logo using my initials, choosing many different fonts such as Hobo, Futura, Helvetica, Bebas, Modern. 20, this was so that I could see which looked best, and which typeface I could use.

Moving around the letters means that I can see what they look like in different positions, I started with Modern. 20. I really like this logo, I think it looks really classy and professional, although it doesn't say a lot about me, as I am neither of those things. I also believe that you shouldn't just go with your first idea, this is also something that I have learnt this year as before I came to LCA I would just get an idea and run with it, rather that pursuing to find that your first idea isn't always your best idea.
Rearranging the letters in a different way still looked really good, although it was still sending out the wrong message as it doesn't say a lot about me personally, instead it shows what I would love to be, really professional and structured, but this would be a lie.

In a previous brief, my partner Adam Garbut made me aware that my hand writing was very similar to the font Futura, he noticed this when he made a typeface that reflected me as a person. Ever since then I have used Futura as one of my main fonts to use, this is because I think that it says a lot about me, and shows my personality, simple and not too serious. I thought about trying the same ideas using the font Futura, and I found that I liked it.
Kerning the font meant that I could see what my initials looked together. I started to draw up some thumbnails so get more ideas flowing but I find that I can develop my ideas digitally quicker and easier, it also allows me to produce more and explore further as I can do it quicker.
Starting to play with the logo in different ways I remembered the OGC logo that we got to see in a Design Principles session, and how it was seen as rude if it was flipped on its side, therefore when looking at mine on its side I saw my initials and a dancing person. This is perfect for me, it says a lot about my character and personality, it also says a lot about the way I like to design.
To make the person clearer I decided to give it eyes, this is just so that people can see what idea and concept I am going for.
I want to make it as clear as possible without distorting the letters that this is a person dancing, so I thought that I would put an outline onto letter 'S' so it stands out more. I then took both logos and asked my peers and my family which one they thought was more appropriate for me, also which one looked more effective. A couple of people said that I should have the outline, but most people said the plain one, this is because it is more simple and to the point, and that is the way I like to design, it is also the way I like to behave, therefore I will be using the normal dancing person.
Level 5 logo.
Although I do really like my logo from last year, I have decided that I want to use a different typeface, one that shows my more fun and illustrative side. After going through many different fonts experimenting with what they would all look like when they were placed together, I found American Typewriter Condensed Bold. It reflects me well, as it is bold and curvy.

After I chose my colour scheme, I decided that I would try all the different pinks with my logo to see which one I preferred. I found that the one on the right work well for my brand, as it stands out and looks fresh.
This is a colour that someone will remember.
One of my most distinct features is my long blonde hair, so I started to think about adding long hair to my logo, trying to show how much it looks like a person, although after trying this, I found that it look rediculas, and I should just stick with what I already have.
I have experimented with having a line colour with my logo, this will make the letters more distinct. Which makes it look like they are letters on their side father than being a shape. Although I think that I prefer it without the line colour, as the dancing person is suppose to come before the lettering.

Another colour from Adobe Kuler was this one, which works really well with the logo, although it means that I would have to change the colour of the eyes on my avatar which is something I don't want to do.

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