Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Website Proposal

Website Proposal.
I think that it is important for me to have a website, although I don't think this is the time to code my own. I think that I would want to look more into web design before I commit myself to my own branded website, as right now I don't have a lot of confidence in my web designs. Although I think that proposing one would be good for me now, and it will give me more experience with creating websites.

I want to include the branding that I used on my promotional pack on my website. I think that having a simple website would be best for me, it would be easier for me to code and I think that simple websites are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than busy cluttered websites.

I want to include a print on the front as my main image, so I decided to use my Cath Kidston print, as this is my favourite print I have done

I think that using the pink on the bottom and on the top is a bit much, also on my website you would be able to scroll down which means that you wouldn't see the bottom pink until you get to the bottom.

I decided to put an opacity on all of the images so that when you scroll over them they go to their full colour and they turn into a link so that you can see more information about each of the pieces of work, or the general area to look at, for example branding and identity.

Although I don't need to code the website yet, I think it will be a good idea to propose what will be on the other pages and links on my website. The About page, Contact and Work page will all be proposed too. I based my website design on a studio that I really like and they are a small studio therefore have quite a simple website, this is the look that I am going for. I thought that I could include basic information about myself including about me, range of work I produce, how to get in touch and how I got to where I am now.

The contact page is pretty simple, I have used the same grid system on all of the pages, this is so that they are all consistent with each other. I don't think much more information would be needed on this page, it would just be used for if and when someone wanted to get in touch. Although looking at it now I could have included where I am based, so that anything can be mailed to me. Although I think that this could go on the About page.

Finally I thought that I would propose what my website would look like in terms of how my work would be laid out. I think that I would have all the work on as images and each for them would be links to more information about the work and the range of work for each of the images.

Final Website Proposal.
Although web design is something that I don't enjoy doing and don't have a lot of confidence in, I think that my web site is consistent with my branding and that it would be doable for me to actually code. Simple yet effective which is what I was going for.

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