Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What is visual literacy?

Studio brief 1; What is visual literacy?

The visual literacy; White paper, the language of graphic deisng
Visual literacy
-The ability to construct meaning from visual images and type
-Interpreting images of the present, past and a range of cultures
-Producing images that effectively communicate a message to an audience

Visual communication... a process of sending and receiving messages.
...based on a level of shared understanding of signs, symbols, gestures and objects. affected by audience, context, media and method distribution.

All that is necessary for any language to exist is an agreement amongst a group of people that one thing will stand for another.


Apple logo;
-Symbolizes an apple (Symbol)
-A sign for apple mac computers (Sign)
-Signifies quality, creativity, lifestyle and independence (Signifier)

Key elements;
Visual language in Graphic Design

-Visual dynamics


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