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What is Graphic Design? Part 1

What is Graphic Design?

Individually each member of our group found 10 peices of design which we liked and explained to each other why we had chosen them. Whilst we wrote down key elements and reasons why each person chose the designs they did.

We then, as a group, found the main reasons for choosing each piece of design;

  • Creative use of type
  • Visual quality
  • Tone of Voice (quirky, humour, whit)
  • Detail
  • Simplicity/Minimal
  • Meanings/Messages
  • Interactive audience engagement
  • Style/Aesthetic
  • Media and Production
  • Form and Format
  • Personal Interest
  • Word Play/Language
  • Structure and Layout

I have chosen five of these reasons and found 6 examples for each.

Creative use of type;

Martina Carpelan - Bed Sheets;

Martina Carelan has taken type and transferred it into bedsheets to imprint onto the skin, which is a very clever and creative use of type.

Ilic-Type in Motion; Type In Motion-Matt Woodman

Ilic turned typography into characters as basketball players, which is a creative thing to do with type, it had brought into life.

Jeff Rogers-The United States of Design;

Using different sized pins to create the effect that the letters are being manipulated to form these words, which is creative use of typography.


This type design is clever as it looks as if the word is melting, or slowly sliding into water. It is 3D which gives the effect that it is actually sinking.

Jorrit Van Rijt-Creative Type;

Jorrit Van Rajt made Creative type very illustrative and detailed. looking up close you can see how much time and effort went into making this creative type.

The Birds;

The Birds is creative and clever type, as the words themselves are made from birds gathered to birds flying away, which is very effective.


Noma Bar-Banged up; Noma Bar-Negative Space

Noma Bar in Banged up uses just two colors, and small amounts of detail through negative space that shows a lot to communicate his message.

Peyton and Byrne packaging;

This packaging was created for cakes and bun therefore its light, and the simplicity is why the packaging is so effective and the colors complement each other very well.

Laura Gonzalez Palcious - Camera Collection;

Laura Gonzalez Palcous’s designs of pixelated camera collection are very simple colors and shapes, which is why the design is so good.

Crispin Finn and Ditto Press; Creative Review-Oct 2012 edition

Crispin Finn and Ditto press created these prints which are very minimal and simlpe but is very effective at the same time, using colors which work well together and attract attention to the design.

55 Hi’s-Awesome Awesomeness;

Awesome Awesomeness is very simple and minialistic, it is a has been printed with two colors, and then there is the color mix of the overlap. It has got a very retro look about it and is very well designed.

Design is how it works;

This piece of design is plain simple and to the point, and that is why it works so well.

Meanings /Messages;

Noma Bar-The Bionic Olympics; Noma Bar-Negative Space

Noma Bar uses limited colors and negative space to show meaningful messages and create awearness.

Buckle Up, Stay Alive;

This is a serious issue, and ‘Buckle Up, Stay Alive’ is a really clever way of showing people to wear their seat belt and it will save their life. Its clever because its hiding the death date with a seat belt to show it will save your life. It works really well because its so simple, there are no words yet sends a really good message.

American Disablility Assosiation-Advert;

This advert is showing that some people struggle with things that most people take advantage of. It is creating awareness, and sharing the message that people can help.


Unicef are visually communicating child abuse, a very serious issue, but in a way so that people look at it find it interesting, and they make it clever, whilst also creating aweareness.

Think Pink;

Think Pink adds a humourous advert to get peoples attention, and makes them aweare of the more serious issue, and its sending a message through humour.

Alcoholics Annonymous-Boys;

This piece of design is to communicate the massage of alcoholics and how they can be dangerous to others. Its been done in this way to make people think, as they might not be aweare of what the alcoholic is doing behind closed doors.

Tone of voice (humourous, quirky, whit);

Noma Bar-Does size matter? Noma Bar-Negative Space

This article is very humourous, whitty and very well designed, keeping it minimal allows the message to stand out more, it is also a very well known and common question.

Michael Feldman-Type in Motion; Type In Motion-Matt Woolman

Michael Feldman created a humourous animation which brings type to life.

John Morse - Curbside Haiku;

Taking a serious issue and making it into a humourous design is what John Morse has done, this is so
that the issue will stay in your head more, and it lightens it up but makes you think about it and remember it at the same time.

Neue Clothing;

This is a pun as it is called scratch, and it looks like it has been scratched in. It also looks a bit quirky and poppy even in black and cream.

You Smell Soap;

You smell soap is humourous because its suggesting that this soap is needed, its a funny way to advertise a product, by getting the audience involved.

Wurst-Valentines Day;

This is funny in a crude way, but still it is a humourous.

Media and Production;

Anthony Burril-Prints;

Anthony Burril uses different medias and materials to get different effects with his work, so as oil and water.

Trident article; Creative Review-October 2012 edition

Found this article interesting, as it looks to be a photograph of a scene made with some sort of platersine. Or maybe an animation created on computer software.

Caroline Pratt - print;

Caroline Pratt creates these designs from print screening, it is a very good way of producing work, also the colors which she has used make the design very effective.

Creative Review-Oct 2012 edition-Article

 This article works really well as a photograph, its simple and effective.

Denis Carrier - Studiofolk;

This has been designed and made on illustrator which is another material and media that could be used, whats good about this deign is that everything is just simple colors and shapes put together to make it look detailed, when really its quite simple.

Evolution of type;

I couldn’t find the designers name for ‘Evolution of type’, but it works really well as a typeface, its a
good design and it is made from rocks, or even could be plasters of Paris, and has been molded, either
way this is a very creative media to use, and it works really well.

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