Monday, 8 October 2012

Pop Crit

We started with our 10 letter forms, explained them to our group, why we used what we used briefly. Then as a group we had to select only 5 of each 10, the ones we thought portrayed our word the best. Here are my chosen 5;

We then arranged them on the wall with our word next to them.

This was to allow a different group to remove one letter at a time, until they found their top 5 letters which portray the word they had accurately.
As a group we also had to remove other peoples letters from their wall, which was a hard process as it feels as if you are degrading other peoples work. But it was a good way to find out the opinions of others in my group, it also allowed me to see how they work and what they like and dislike. The crit was a good way discuss the work without feeling to attached to it, as we didn't know who's letter forms where who's.
My letters did not make it to the final 5, this is because they didn't portray the word 'pop' appropriately or clearly. This is something I will take into consideration in the next brief, and learn from this.

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