Sunday, 14 October 2012

Alphabet Adam crit 1

My Alphabet Adam crit was half way through my brief, this is so that I can collect information, opinions and ideas from my peers and tutors. This crit really helped me develop my work, as I was focusing too much on my partner and what they would think of my typeface. I had a lot of research, but only a few pages of ideas or letter forms, this was because I was focusing mostly on my typeface being exactly like my partner.

The things I took away from my crit were;

  • To think less about what my partner thinks about my typeface, and more about my first impressions of my partner, so that I can develop the ideas I had from the start of the brief, rather than trying to find out more information.
  • To focus more on one or two elements of my partners personality, likes and dislikes, rather than trying to create a typeface which is too complicated and cluttered with lots of elements in it.
  • To experiment more with my ideas visually, by sketching them out, or noting them down, so that I have lots to compare with.

This crit helped me a lot, as I can now move on with a clearer idea of what I am going to do for my typeface.

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