Sunday, 7 October 2012

Why am I here? What do I want to learn?

5 reasons why I chose to study on this programme.

  •     Good industry links
  •     Specialist area staff
  •     Great facilities that are available
  •     Not just a degree, prepares you for the industry
  •     Full time course

5 things that I want to learn during my time on the programme.

  •     How to manage my time more efficiently with multiple briefs
  •     How to use photoshop
  •     How to produce more detailed screen prints
  •     How to successfully establish myself
  •     More about typography

5 skills that I think are my strengths.

  •     Meeting deadlines
  •     Making lists and organising my time
  •     Basic knowledge of illustrator
  •     Quick learner
  •      Basic knowledge of screen printing

5 things that I want to improve.

  •     Evaluating my work and improving my writing ability
  •     Skills on illustrator
  •     Organizing my ideas
  •     Working better in groups
  •     My understanding of the current Graphic Design industry

5 ways that I will evaluate my progress.

  •     Keeping an up-to-date blog which I can reflect on
  •     Having tutorials to find my strengths and weaknesses
  •     Crits so that I can get advice from peers
  •     Keeping my academic planner up-to-date, so i can reflect on it
  •     Ask questions so I can take note on how I am improving

5 questions that I want to find the answer to.

  •     How do I organise my ideas better?
  •     How do I find placements and get more links in the industry?
  •     How do I evaluate my work so I can learn from my mistakes?
  •     What area of Graphic Design will I specialise in?
  •     Where will I be in 5 years time?

5 things that inspire me.

  • My family/Brother - My family are amazing and very supportive. My brother is inspiration to me, as he is is doing everything he said he ever wanted to do, nothing has stopped him. I believe that he will be a big success as he is very talented. He inspires me to do what I want to do with my life just as he has.

  • People listening to music, when you can see that someone is really enjoying a piece of music or song - seeing someone getting lost in music is very inspiring, it makes you think about what they are thinking, feeling and what they are going through, music is very powerful and allows people to have emotional ties to particular songs. 

  • Newspapers - The morning newspapers inspire my day. When I wake up I'm thinking more about what to wear and the things I need for the day, then on the bus reading the newspaper broadens my mind, and makes me think about everything which is happening in the world and the local news rather than little problems that don't really matter in retrospect. 

  • Animals mainly dogs - I don't have a dog, although people who are close to me do called Molly Minnie and Belle and they mean so much to me and also inspire me. The relationship between my grandpa and his dog, Molly, inspires me, as I know how much she means to him, you would never find them without each other. Molly Minnie and Belle inspire me with how protective they are and loving there are towards me and the family.

  • Stationary shops - I enjoy nothing better than walking around stationary shops, with art and craft sections, I could do it for hours. It inspires me because it makes me want to experiment with different materials and styles, and makes me think about everything you could do with all the different materials and colours.

10 examples of design that illustrate my fields of creative interest.

 Noma Bar

 Peyton and Byrne Packaging

 John Morse - Curbside Haiku

 Martina Carpelan - Bed Sheets

 Konstantin Datz - infographics

 Anthony Burrill - prints

Denis Carrier - Studiofolk

 Caroline Pratt - print

Simon Page

Laura Gonzalez Palcious - Camera Collection

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