Sunday, 21 October 2012

Alphabet Adam crit 2

My typeface
My crit for Alphabet Adam went really well, when presenting what I'd done, I went up with my partner Adam and we both explained why we did what we did, and the decisions we made which lead us to choose that typeface and letter form. I found that Adam agreed with my concept and understood why I chose what I chose. The feedback I received from my crit was mostly positive, it was clear that my letter forms worked larger and smaller, and when I got asked the question which letter was the most difficult I said 'g'. This then brought attention to the fact that the 'g' is a lot more complicated than the rest of the letters. I agreed with this feedback and was suggested to try some more simple versions of the 'g' to make them all have the same simplicity about them.

I took a lot away from this crit, I have decided to change my 'g' and do some other suggestions and examples of what it could be, and make it more simple, but still keep it looking like its original letter form. I also decided to do more development and experiment with making a letter form even bigger to see if it works on an even larger scale. I also thought that I would try using some numbers and capital letters to see if it would work as an actual typeface, in all the different areas, so this is something I will work on to improve my design.

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