Monday, 5 November 2012

Research Crit

In my research and delivery crit I showed my initial research, which was a large range of things about my newspaper article.

My article
I used this article because I thought that it would be lighter, as in my crit I found that many people were doing quite serious issues. I found that many people in my crit are doing really interesting subjects, most of which I knew nothing about, so learned a lot from it. The crit was very useful for me as it showed me that I should use this idea and also showed me that I can take it a lot further than just looking into the relationships of each couple, and finding all the cheating allegations made by the media. I could look into why the couples get back together, as a lot of them do it for PR stunts. So to move forward with this I will focus more on gossip columns, and seeing the alterior motives for the couple getting back together.

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