Sunday, 11 November 2012

Poster Crit

Final three posters.
The crit;
During this crit, we all had to sit on a table and critique other peoples posters. It was anonymous so that no-one could find out who did theirs, so that you can be really honest without feeling bad. We all had to crit 3 different peoples work, then leave the room whilst the other group came to crit our posters.

This process was good and allowed you to be honest as its anonymous. You could also look at everyone's work, not just a small group, so you could see everyone's ideas and designs.

My crit sheets;
Crit sheet 1.
Crit sheet 2.
Crit sheet 3.
What I took from these crits were that my colours work really well and so does the simplicity of my posters, although that they were also maybe too simple. They said that maybe I should add some more text to the type only poster, just to add some context, but still keep it quite simple.

As a group we found that the image only was the hardest to produce, and also the hardest to understand what the message is, without type its difficult to show the exact message, although with the other posters its very clear why the image is what it is. This crit was very useful as I will be able to develop and change things which I thought were clear, but others didn't, so I can work on the issues which have been brought up.

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