Friday, 30 November 2012

Printed Text and Reading Crit

Secondary Research;

Primary Research;


Group Crit;
Our group had more people in it than he rest of the group, each of us had a different category;
  • Jasper - Spacial Awareness
  • Danielle - Packaging 
  • Mel - Signs 
  • Me - Branding and Identity 
  • Anna - Books 
  • Kirsty - Magazine/Editorial layouts 
  • Emily - Legibility and Readibilty
Each person collected a lot of research, everyone was happy with the amount of research that everyone had. We all received good feedback from our research, this enabled us to move onto the next brief with a large amount of research. Although Kirsty didn't show up to the crit, so we never saw any of her research, which was a bit annoying as she had Magazine Layouts, which was a big category in Printed Text and Reading. In the crit we got told that our next brief was How To...Make People Read More. We could work on our own, in small groups or as one large group within our group, so we all thought about it for a while, we discussed that it would be hard in a group as there were seven of us, although there was only six of us in the crit. We made a decision on that day that us six would work as a big group as we would be able to achieve more, as there are more of us, we thought that over the weekend we would all do some initial research so we have something to work with on the monday, and if Kirsty wanted to join us, she was more than welcome.

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