Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What is Graphic Design for? Part 1 and 2

There are five different reason for Graphic Design, which are;
  1. Information and Way-finding
  2. Publishing and Editorial design
  3. Branding and Identity
  4. Product and Packaging
  5. Retail and Promotion
How to categorize each element;
  • Genres
  • Content
  • Audiences
  • Sectors
  • Functions
  • Format

Information and Way-finding;
  • Structure
  • Data and information
  • Visual graphic design for example info-graphics
  • Complex information
  • Making visual instructions
  • Signage, road signs, signs in industrial building, formal and non formal
Publishing and Editorial;
  • Publishing (ongoing body of information)
  • Consider how to work with type and image
  • Ebook, E magazine, double page spreads, content, type, image, format, text and grid
  • General magazine catagories: fashion, music, lifestyle, health and beauty, current affairs, photography, technology, the arts, food and cooking, the home...
  • Publishing - fiction, non fiction, travel, biographies, manuals, children's books, education, reference, languages...
  • How to work type and image, make it look good and interesting
  • Making things visually engaging in general publications
  • Annual reports - catalogues (commercial) (event), brochures, instructional, public sector
  • Finding a way to combine different types of publications
Branding and Identity;
  • Perceived as an emotional corporate images as a whole
  • Identity
  • Visual aspect that forms and overall brand
  • Working with logos
  • Making sure everything is recognizable - creating a popular brand
  • Logo - identifies a business in its simplest form
Product and Packaging;
  • T-shirts, mugs, calenders(huge market), birthday cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, stationary
  • Not all message and concept, the concept often can just be the products
  • Packaging - colour, type, form
  • Look at the relationship between the high end and the budget
  • Buy a product because of the packaging
  • Product carries identity, packaging carries identity, packaging is protecting the product
  • Think about who is using and consuming it
Retail and Promotion;
  • Everything including in the purchasing process - tags, carrier bags ect, - everything has been designed
  • Tags, bags, signage, everything included
  • Spacial qualities of detail, make sure that it works in 3D to be effective
  • Looking at scale, working big or small like a logo

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