Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mail Shot Crit

 The crit;
Layout for crit.
Mail shot and envelope.
Mail shot.
In this crit we had to get into groups, lay out our work then swap tables. In our pairs we each assessed all four mailshots on the table. This was a helpful way to do a crit as on the crit sheets there was a box for recommendations. This is good as sometimes in crits, people leave unhelpful feedback by saying that they just 'don't like' something, so its not very constructive, therefore this was a better way of doing a crit.

Feedback sheets;

Crit sheet 1
Crit sheet 2
The general constructive feedback which I got from the crits was;
  • The envelopes were too small.
  • Mailing list isn't appropriate.
  • Well designed, but communicate message clearer.
  • Very formal.
  • Thicker stock, as its too flimsy.
  • Mailing list looks like a posh food menu.
  • Typeface not appropriate for audience.
  • Reconsider theatre theme.
  • Add creativity to the envelope.
  • Wax seal good but not appropriate.
 I already took the stock into consideration and it didn't work out, and this was the most effective way of producing it, although if I had more time, I would have experimented with even more stock choices. After getting back my feedback, I have found that the stock should definitely be changed and made thicker. Also my envelope needs more work doing on it, maybe adding some colour, and consider the wax seal.

The mailing list is clearly not appropriate for my audience, but the intention was to keep the typeface consistent. Although looking back now I can see that it doesn't work very well therefore I will add another typeface which suits body copy more, maybe look into what fonts magazine articles use. I would change the body copy in the mail shot and the mailing list, consider maybe the front of the envelope too. This will help effect the formality of my mailshot, so that it will appeal to my target audience.

Posters, Mail shots and Mailing list;

Group crit, everything together as a set.

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