Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Photography PPP Presentations

Photography Presentations.
A few people from Graphic Design were asked to come and sit in on some of the PPP Presentations in Photography. I jumped at this opportunity, I think that not only will it be helpful to see other courses PPP module and how it works. But I also think that meeting more people from different courses, especially those who could work collaboratively with me in the future, and see how they all work and what they specialise in.

The presentations.
Watching other peoples presentations on different courses allows me to see what exactly I need to produce for my PPP, and how to come across to people well. There were only two people who were ready to present, although I think that these weren't the final presentations, I thought that they would be slightly more polished so they could all receive as much feedback as possible.

There were both good and bad points about each of their presentations, which is something I will take away from sitting in on them. One of the girls were really confident in what she was saying and it made the presentation a lot more interesting to watch. This is something that I will take from the presentations, try and be as confident as possible whenever presenting. The second girl was a lot less confident and made the presentation quite dull, even though she had more and better content.

The presentations have made me more aware that I need to be clear with the audience whilst connecting with them at the same time.

I think that it was really good to see other courses presentations. It has also lead to opportunities to working with a photographer in the future, as the tutor thanked us and informed us that if we need any photography doing, they shall help us. After the presentations I emailed Ross Williams the photography tutor as he thanks us for the help, and I suggested that in the future before the main presentations, I will happily go back again to view more presentations.

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