Thursday, 12 March 2015

Archipelago Visit

Archipelago Visit.
I decided that I would contact Studio Mik Mik as it is someones work that I have appreciated, even though I knew that they didn't take placements, I thought that it would be a good way to speak to them and maybe they would let me have a visit to the studio to see how they work and what they are doing. Doing this Archipelago contacted me asking if I would like to go for a visit their as Studio Mik Mik no longer exists, and he has started his own studio now. This is something that I snapped at, I really like the work that Archipelago have produced and was really excited to go for a visit there.

The visit went really well, like a few of my other visits to studios I thought that it would only be a short visit, especially as I know a few people that have visited Archipelago and were there for half an hour. Although again like a few of the others I have been to, I was there for over 3 hours. I took this a a good sign, as we got along really well and he suggested that I would be a lovely person to work with and have around the studio.

Mike from Archipelago has asked me to keep in touch, he has also suggested that there is a summer internship up for grabs and of the people that he has seen so far I am up at the top of the list. This is an opportunity that I would love to have, it would give me experience in the design industry, also it is a great studio to work in. This is something that I would definitely like to do and will keep in touch with Mike. And I really enjoyed talking to him in the studio and can see that it would be a really good place to work. 

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