Friday, 27 March 2015

Final PPP Presentation

Final Presentation.
For this presentation I wanted to include some of my personal branding and how it has developed, what I have learnt over the past three years, who I am speaking to, the studios I have visited and what I am wanting to do in the future.

Starting with the summer brief and moving on through the years explaining how I have changed and developed through 1at, 2nd and 3rd year. Explaining how I have developed my logo, also how I have changed over just the third year. One of the main lessons I have learnt during this course is that nothing is set in stone and noone should be pigeon holed. I think that I have changed my discipline the most throughout 3rd year, moving from being souly print based with a love for screen printing, to doing digital animations. Learning after effects this year has helped me a lot in different briefs and will help me a lot in the future. Showing the branding that I have done for Wide-Eyed Records, and explaining that even though it was a brief done for free for a family member, it has lead to having a good piece for my portfolio, but also what it has lead to, having a lot more connections and doing more live briefs. Ending with my wish list, for studios that I want to visit, what I want to work in and the general wishes for the future.

The presentation went quite well although I did forget to say a lot of what I wanted to. For example, how I was able to go to the studios that I have gone to, and what I will be doing for the placement. Also I wanted to discuss in more detail about the 1st and 2nd year and what made a massive different to me in terms of design, although I get a bit panicky when I present. Although I think that I have got a lot better at presenting throughout the time I have been at College, I could have done it a bit better, and wish that I would have rehersed t a bit more, simply to ensure that I don't forget anything.

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