Monday, 30 March 2015

Glenelg Placement Day 1

Glenelg Placement.
Day 1.
On the first day of my placement, the man which I had been speaking to was away, although everyone else was still in the studio, they started me off doing a few things that the creative director left me to do. I was told to brand and name a new product that they are currently working on and pitching on Wednesday to a client. Then after that start working on ideas and logos for a re-brand for the studio itself. Whilst doing this I was spending a lot of time with the Animator James, and he was showing me how they bring everything together for a pitch, whilst doing this he was teaching me some of the tricks and short cuts for After Effects. This helped me a lot as I am currently teaching myself how to use After Effects and I am stuck on something that will take my days to adjust, and he has shown me a shortcut that take minutes. This will save me so much time, I have learnt so much in just one day about After Effects that will save me masses of time next week.

Pop & Go/Quick Pop.
These are the three main logos that I have chosen I am going to pitch to the client. The Pop & Go/ Quick Pop is a product from another range, therefore I decided that I would create one of the logos similar to the original POP PAK logo, this is so that if the client wants them all to work as a set they can. I also went with a circular logo relating to the circular tube product that you pop, showing where it would pop. This product is for people on the go, you can use one hand to pop it open, which is something I wanted to get across in the logo. There was also a purely typographic logo showing where is would pop in the type.

Mock ups for pitch.
The mock ups were made from CADs, and then artwork put onto it as a texture. This was done by James, the animator and person who is in charge of the visuals during pitching. I simply replaced the prospective logos of the mock ups to see how they would on the actual products. I did the logos in black and white so that they can work with whatever colour brand it needs applying to, just like their other one does.

Glenelg have decided to re-brand their studio and re do their website as they haven't updated it in a while. They asked me to try some ideas with a few logos and ideas for what I could do to help them with this. Therefore I spent the rest of the day thinking of different ideas for their logo.

Being at Glenelg has been really good for me already, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, especially learning how to work fast and get things done. Needing to keep up with someone else's schedule. The Glenelg logo is something that I am going to continue with tomorrow, unless I am given something else to do int he morning.

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