Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Split Design Ltd

Split Design Ltd.
Split is a small agency based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, specialising in creative graphic design for print and web.
'We’re passionate about helping individuals and organisations to realise their potential through the design process.
Working closely with our clients to fully understand and appreciate their needs, we aim to produce work that is that is considered, has real heart and doesn't break the bank. 
To us, design is about creating engaging concepts that effectively solve problems and balance the many factors of a brief. Its about never having to sacrifice creativity in the process, and about executing these concepts in the most effective and appropriate way, with care and attention to detail.'

Working closely with clients is something that is really important to me, I think that you should have a positive relationship with a client to get the most out of each brief. I am also a very friendly person and like to have a close working environment, as I bounce off other people. Looking through some of the work that Split Design produces I have seen that I really like a lot of it. I am more attracted to the image based designs and the print side of their studio.

7 Deadly Sings.

Mum's Cooking.
I think that these designs are really good and are similar to the kind of designs I try to produce, in respect to the print aspect. Although the 'Mum's Cooking' brief is mostly digital I really like the design and can appreciate it. I enjoy doing branding and identity and this is something that I think has a strong brand and is aesthetically pleasing.

On the website it shows the team, I think that this is a creative way of showing everyone and some of their personalities and the personality of the studio itself. This is becasue a lot of studios have pictures of the team, whereas I think that this way is more fun and relevant for them as a studio. The method I would use to try and get a placement at Split Design Ltd is to send one of my new promotion packs to them in the post. This is becasue I think that it would be more appealing than writing them an email or ringing them. I would also include a letter inside explaining that I would like to do a placement there and really admire the work that they produce. Although before sending this, I want some advice on how to write to them, and what I should be saying.

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