Monday, 6 October 2014

Level 6 Presentation Reflection

Making the Presentation.
When making my presentation I decided to use the blue honeycomb pattern which I made for my branding, I think that this will work well in my presentation as it will link my promotional pack to my presentation, it will also give a better aesthetic to my presentation.

What I wanted to include in my presentation
  • My logo
  • Designers statement
  • Briefs for the year
  • Collaboration
  • COP3 proposal
  • Studios
  • Lectures/Talks
  • Visuals all the way through
I wanted to make my presentation very visual because I think that it gives everyone a better idea of what I am planning on doing for this year. I am also a very visual person and work in an image based way, therefore it would reflect me more.

Reflection of my presentation.
I think that the presentation went really well, I found that even though I find presenting nerve wracking, I said what I wanted to say. Although at the end I could have spoke more about the studios I have chosen to put on my presentation. I think that the presentations were really helpful, we were able to see what everyone else has been doing over the summer, the briefs which they are doing so that we know if we want to collaborate with them, also where people have been looking for visits and placements.

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