Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Studio IMEUS

Anthony Peters.
Studio Imeus is a small multi-disciplinary studio on the South Coast of England within a stones-throw of Brighton. Set up in 2006 by Anthony Peters whilst he worked as a designer/retoucher and general pre-press wizard for The Art Group.The idea initially was to indulge the creative work that couldn't be done at the day job, however it soon became impossible to juggle the two and in 2011 Studio Imeus became a full time hobby...Today the studio calls on a collective of regular collaborators, contributors and co-conspirators drafted in when the project requires it, which ultimately means we can offer a broader array of approaches and solutions to client briefs.

I have always admired Anthony Peters, I think that the screen prints he produces are amazing, and he is someone I have always wanted to work with. I think that over the summer I will try to get in contact with him.
'Anthony Peters from Studio Imeus has collaborated with Print Club London a few times every year since back in 2009 when his 'Nina' edition of 40 prints sold out in a matter of hours at the Secret Blisters Show. We have worked with Print Club in all their Blisters shows since then, as well as exhibiting with them at Pick Me Up and the Somerset House / Film 4 Summer Screen exhibition.'

Screen Prints.

 The Shop.

Double act book.
'During the course of 2014 the studio will be undertaking the mammoth task of illustration 100 movie pairs with view to getting a 200 page book published by the end of the year. All illustrations will comprise of the same  3 colours (and their overprinted combinations) and a very specific character style.'

Getting in touch.
IMEUS has a contact us page, where if you want to work with them, fill in the form and send it off. Although I think that this will encourage people to send emails even if they aren't that bothered. I also think that they will see numerous emails and it won't grab their attention. If I were to contact Anthony Peters at IMEUS, I would produce my own screen print, using various colours, to show that I can screen print and that I am interested in it. Then I would male it to him, with a personal yet professional letter saying that I would love to work with him, and put a business card inside and information so that he would be able to get back in touch. I think different methods of approaching studios depend on what the studio is, and what they would be looking for in an intern.

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